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Dontlookattheknees Fri 30-Aug-13 00:01:15

My doctor (yesterday so I am still on auto pilot) has told me to seriously consider having a single mastectomy. (Basically it is a cut your losses situation)
I never thought that I would be recommended it.

Not really sure what I am asking, but what's it like? Part of me feels like I'm too young to be doing this, and being told to have one and also to start TTC now if I want kids somehow doesn't fit.

I just think I have so many questions and don't know where to start.

runningincircles Fri 30-Aug-13 01:20:13

So sorry OP. It must be hard for you to take in, so making decisions about what to do will be even more difficult for you. Sorry to ask, but has your doctor recommended mastectomy as a preventative method or as a treatment? Try to find out as much as you can about your situation/diagnosis, different treatments and about the options regarding mastectomy's and reconstructions.
My DM had a mastectomy, she spent a lot of time deciding how it was going to be done. She decided that mastectomy with reconstruction at the same time looked the best and would only have that. Friends she made while having treatment wanted it out more quickly, so had the mastectomy first. Then later made a decision whether or not to have a reconstruction.
She gave and received a lot of support and information from, it is a site only for people with breast cancer or phyllodes tumours. This forum meant a lot to my DM and I know that it helped her to speak to people in a similar situation, so it might be worth having a look on there.
I had a lumpectomy 5 years ago, and have been advised to go for screening as breast cancer, is common in my family. I'm putting it off until the kids go back to school though, as I don't want to take them with me.
I hope that you have some RL people to support you. I will be awake for a while if you want some virtual support.

Dontlookattheknees Fri 30-Aug-13 08:11:52

Thanks running it is basically both. But not down to cancer.
Though I guess it is a 'perk' at being preventive (I'm at higher risk anyway)
They have basically tried everything else (I have had breast surgeries before) but the doctor thinks we should just cut my loses really. He described it like a leg that isn't working, that they have tried pins and supports and everything under the sun but sometimes it is just best to cut it off and start again.

Footle Fri 30-Aug-13 09:42:46

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

runningincircles Fri 30-Aug-13 10:02:20

It is still a major procedure and you are bound to be worried about. It sounds like you haven't got the pressure of needing it doing ASAP. So it would make sense to get a second opinion and research all of your options before you make any decisions.
I hope that you are feeling better about it all today.

gingeroots Fri 30-Aug-13 12:42:59

Lots and lots and lots of help ,advice ,support here

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