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[angry] [sad] Hormones ?! Help me please!! [angry] [sad]

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mamapanda1989 Thu 29-Aug-13 15:16:14

Hi ok I feel like such a dummy!!
I'm 23 years old. I live with my boyfriend & our 2 children. I've (apart from for conceiving!) always been on norriday the mini pill & it's always stopped my periods up until this year when they were every other month now every month on the 19th! I'm really struggling I've gained weight 6lbs so ok not huge amount but it bothers me as its only on my stomach so I look pregnant!
I keep breaking out, pains are awful but worst of all my hormones / pmt what ever you call it are through the roof my bf & I are fighting all the time & it's all me starting it,
I become so nasty I almost don't recognise myself, it's really taking over me for the week leading up to the period till few days after I've finished my boyfriend is having to walk on egg shells around me but il find any excuse to shout & scream or cry at him.. I'm really not myself,
Any ideas why I'm suddenly having periods & or cures for my mood swings?
We have just moved this month to a new area & I'm locking myself up at home every day as I find it to much stress to go out thankfully my kids & bf are understanding but I don't want to be like this... Do women seriously go through this every month ?!

Weelady77 Thu 29-Aug-13 16:19:26

Can't help with the pill as when I was on it,it was perfect for me I actually didn't know what pmt was!! Then I got sterilised and omg I came with a BANG!! I learnt to live with and explained to DH and kids what was wrong they used to make a joke of it!

Now I'm hormonal in a way off the scale way (getting bloods done tomorrow) but kalms tablets helped me

Maybe go to your gp and see what they say

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