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why am I waking up with horrible headaches each morning

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mrspicklepants Fri 23-Aug-13 07:25:27

Is it to do with stil being tiered? Or sleeping position or just a bug? But last few days I've been waking with a general achy feeling all over and top it off such a head ache. Anyone else? Is it the weather?

noblegiraffe Fri 23-Aug-13 07:26:32


RubySparks Fri 23-Aug-13 07:26:59

Yes often wake with headache but not sure why.... Except I'm on thyroid medication and think dosage might be too high! Also often wake with sore throat.

cowmop Fri 23-Aug-13 07:29:55

If I wake up with a headache it's generally due to having "slept funny", this leaves me with a stiff neck and I get up with the headache across the front of my head which bangs when i bend forward. Is it something like this?

ILoveAFullFridge Fri 23-Aug-13 07:30:11

Try drinking more in the daytime, especially the evening.

ILoveAFullFridge Fri 23-Aug-13 07:32:17

Ask your OH whether you've been snoring/are snoring worse than usual. Possible indicator of over-tiredness due to sleep apnoea?

Damnautocorrect Fri 23-Aug-13 07:40:31

Teeth grinding?

talkingnonsense Fri 23-Aug-13 07:45:39

I wake up with a headache when it's very warm- dehydration. Very annoying as if I drink enough in the evening, I have to wake up to pee!

FriskyHenderson Fri 23-Aug-13 07:48:39

Caffeine withdrawal symptom?
Do you sleep with th windows open?

Montybojangles Fri 23-Aug-13 08:07:12

Bruxism (teeth grinding/clenching)
Poor pillow choice
Viral illness (in view of you feeling generally I'll at the minute).

Montybojangles Fri 23-Aug-13 08:07:41

Ill not I'll, bloody auto correct!

longjane Fri 23-Aug-13 08:16:18

Dry throat maybe shoring ?
How is your blood pressure ?

teaandchocolate Fri 23-Aug-13 12:05:32

I get this a lot! I'm pregnant at the moment and its worse. I think its tension but not sure as am not hugely stressed. Feels like it eminates from my neck and is often around my eyes. Nothing has helped except pain killers and acupuncture. Often is goes by the late afternoon...then back again in the morning. Watching with interest!

CoteDAzur Fri 23-Aug-13 12:07:03

Pregnant? Have a cold?

Rockinhippy Sat 24-Aug-13 14:16:33

Sinus trouble ??

It doesn't always show up as sniffles & sneezes, especially if chronic - I have diagnosed chronic sinus problems, surgery done etc etc -

it can be aggravated by damp, pre stormy weather & is always worse on waking, due to lying down all night & trapped gunk moving & causing pressure - it's also made MUCH worse if I sleep with radiators on in our bedroom,

I rarely get sniffly & sneezy BTW, just morning headaches, puffiness around eyes & sinuses etc etc

cestlesautres Sun 25-Aug-13 04:43:15

I get that, Rockinhippy, noticeably in damp, pre-stormy weather. Is there any antidote to that weather-related increase in symptoms, do you know? I keep thinking there must be something I could do when the weather is forecast and I know I'll be in trouble. I do use a neti pot and steaming.

sophj100 Sun 25-Aug-13 22:21:40

I also wake up most mornings with headaches of varying degrees and just put it down to stress. I am also on Levothyroxine for my underactive thyroid and anti-depressants for panic attacks.

However, I happened upon some PH Testers in my medicine cupboard and tested my PH levels with my urine and saw that it was 5.0 and having googled this, it comes up as 'dangerously acidic'! Looking into it further, it puts this down having Candida Albicans or too much sugar in my gut. I am now on a wheat-free / gluten-free & sugar-free diet, which really seems to be making some changes. I've noticed before when i've either had too much bread or too much chocolate that the headaches are worse, so really believe this could be the answer.

Worth a try checking this out for you too?

Good luck smile

LoveSewingBee Mon 26-Aug-13 01:01:30

Room too hot?
Not enough oxygen?
Sleeping too deeply or in wrong position?

mignonette Mon 26-Aug-13 01:05:06

Likely to be one of the things mentioned but just in case, have you got a carbon monoxide detector? If you have a gas fire, boiler etc nearby there is the slightest of chances that it might be discharging Carbon monoxide. Headache upon waking, a muzzy, sick and achey feeling can be caused by this.

Highly unlikely though.

ChunkyMonkeyMother Mon 26-Aug-13 01:45:16

This has been happening to me too! I asked my DH if id been sleeping differently recently and he showed me an app which records any noise you make during the night - i could actually hear myself grinding my teeth in my sleep! It was disgusting but revealed why i got my headaches and tooth ache ha ha

Have ordered a gum shield but have been using sleeping aids until it arrives which put me into a different type of sleep

Have to say its interesting that so many people have thyroid problems as im on Thyroxine - i wonder if there's a link? Mine are definitely worse if i forget to take it

digerd Mon 26-Aug-13 06:35:23

I first had this in my early 40s. An X-ray of my neck showed the vertebrae to be narrowed - spondylosis- which is very common. The nerves get trapped when head in a certain position in bed and a special pillow is the answer.
Achy and stiff all over in the morning is usually a rheumatic/aging /arthritic cause. This usually begins later in 50s. It is genetic.
My 72 year-old SIL and 66 year-old SIS do not have this - only I do confused

StrawberryMojito Mon 26-Aug-13 06:45:47

This happened to me in early pregnancy. My headaches are nearly always to do with my hormones, pregnant or not.

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