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my hormones are ruining my life!

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Sophiedotty Fri 23-Aug-13 14:43:49

Evening primrose oil doesn't seem to help with mood or agitation. I tried a high dose for months. It made no difference. It mainly just helps with breast tenderness if you suffer from that.

I have found eating something every few hours works for me, something to do with keeping the sugar levels constant is supposed to help. Taking vit B complex is good too.

You can take Prozac an SSRI for 2 weeks leading up to your pmt time. That is supposed to help but I've not read of anyone that's tried this & it works. I am on an SSRI for depression anyway & it hadn't made any difference. The blood sugar levels is what seems to have helped for me.

Weelady77 Fri 23-Aug-13 11:32:47

I've only tried the kalms are they worth looking into??

Aww it's awful mines only started off about 12 weeks ago and have felt the lowest I've ever ever been hmm for the last 8 years since I got sterilised I had a bit pmt week before my period but nothing I couldn't handle moody snappy for a couple of days!

But this was triggered off by the most stupidest thing and I know it was but I couldn't get it in my head it was I was looking for all the but why's iykwim!!

I've googled premenapause and I have symptoms of that also symptoms of thyroid,stress,anxiety!
Like you say wish we could take a pill to get back to normal although I do feel better with the kalms not got that awful gut feelingsmile

phoenix2 Fri 23-Aug-13 08:11:01

thanks for your reply. glad im not the only one!!
i am waiting on blood results for so hopefully they will show something that i can take a pill for and be done with it.
i have had thyroid tested last year but it was fine - apparently your adrenal gland is similar to your thyroid so perhaps thats it.
scary though isnt it? the moods where everything and everyone is so wrong and i feel so right. mad?
have you ever tried evening primrose oil tablets?

Weelady77 Thu 22-Aug-13 20:47:37

Phoenix I'm going through the exact same thing!! Although I've been sterilised, last few weeks I thought my marriage was overhmm I went to the docs last week and I've been sent for blood tests next Friday for thyroid and premenopause just to rule that out as I've had other symptoms too!

Today I took kalms tablets and its defo taken the edge of things maybe be physcological but who cares it's workedwink

Not got no useful info for you but here if you want to talk smile

phoenix2 Thu 22-Aug-13 15:43:26

Sounds exagerated i know but my hormones are driving me mental.
I am mid 30's and have the copper coil in for about 7 months now. wanted to give my body a break from contraceptives.
So periods not all that heavy but the pmt is ridiculous. I literally feel like my life is over i feel so depressed. i have almost ruined relationships the paranoia and over reactions are brutal.
and the minute AF arrives i am like a pussycat again!!!! lovely sane reasonable person.
any advice??

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