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At what point to doctors investigate back pain?

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chickensaladagain Tue 20-Aug-13 21:01:13

I have lower back pain and sciatica, I also get muscle spasms down my leg which will literally make me cry out

The first time my back 'went' I was 19, I'm now 35

I've been told I have a prolapsed disc, had nhs physio 6 sessions

I rarely go a month now without taking pain killers but I generally self medicate as the gp generally tells me painkillers and exercise is all that can be done

Do doctors not investigate causes?

Surely 16 years of being in pain is enough -I can't even stand up to wash up without my leg feeling like its on fire

emmelinelucas Sun 01-Sep-13 17:13:16

Hooray, chicken !
At least something is being done.
MRI's are amazing - ask to go in feet first if you are even slightly claustrophobic, though.

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