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Sorry mmr again... Are ds's more at risk than dd's ?????

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nutcracker Wed 11-Feb-04 16:39:50

My ds is 14mths and his mmr was due at the beginning of Jan. I wasn't sure what to do so he missed the appointment but now it is booked for TOMMOROW. Both of my dd's have had it but what i want to know is are boys really more at risk of developing problems afterwards ?????
Both dd's have been fine since theirs and dd2 is actually due her booster tommorow too.
Also, if i do let him have it, does it matter that he's got a cold ?????

Jimjams Wed 11-Feb-04 16:50:36

DS's are more at risk of just about everything.

Autism is found at a 4:1 ratio boys to girls. Posibly becuase a lot of autistic problems are language related and boys use one area of the brain for language whereas girls use many (just my pet theory).

having said that I have just as many friends with autistic dd's as ds's

A cold itself wouldn't matter but if it wasn't a cold but him sickening for say chickenpox then it might matter.

nutcracker Wed 11-Feb-04 20:01:27

Thanx for that jimjams. Well, i think so long as his cold isn't too bad i will still take him. Will worry like mad afterwards i know but, don't know anywhere that does the single jabs and wouldn't be able to afford them any way.

Hulababy Wed 11-Feb-04 20:04:11

The GP or nurse will ask you about your Ds's health. Tell them about a cold if he has one and they will tell you if they should wait or not.

Jimjams Wed 11-Feb-04 20:09:35

nutcracker- the one to be careful of is chickenpox- it really doesn't go together well with MMR, so if there's any chance of it being that I'd postpone it.

nutcracker Wed 11-Feb-04 21:31:06

Right, i'll make sure i mention it. He's not too bad apart from very watery eyes and constant sneezing. Have started to give him his inhaler incase it gets any worse.

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