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EVLT for varicose veins.anyone had it done?

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bubblepop Wed 14-Jun-06 13:18:35

anyone know what is involved? do they give you a local anesthetic? did it work? any info really appreciated.

oxocube Wed 14-Jun-06 20:34:59

bumping this as am also interested. Have referral to hospital by gp for injections for spider veins

bubblepop Thu 15-Jun-06 12:55:24'mon you lot!

Fimbo Thu 15-Jun-06 12:58:21

What's EVLT? I think Moondog had hers stripped if its the same thing.........[ponders emoticon]

oxocube Thu 15-Jun-06 20:16:22

This is the laser treatment as opposed to injections/stripping. Made my hospital appointment today to have mine done!

bubblepop Fri 16-Jun-06 14:33:48

bump.god has else in the world got them apart from me and oxocube?

UglySister Sat 17-Jun-06 19:38:10

BUMP, I´d like to know about this too!

moondog Sat 17-Jun-06 19:39:51

Lol at Fimbo remembering my varicose veins!
I had them out under a general...not sure what EVLT is.

bubblepop Sun 18-Jun-06 20:03:53

its the laser treatment

Millie1 Sun 18-Jun-06 21:11:42

I've read about it .... and put it on my wishlist!

madrose Sun 18-Jun-06 21:17:13

also would love to know what is invloved (massive one top of leg)

if you don't mind - how much is laser treatment or is it NHS?

Re thread veins - (have those too) how do you get rid of them - read injection - but what type?


madrose Sun 18-Jun-06 21:17:33

sorry not much help - but very interested

UglySister Mon 19-Jun-06 12:57:51

Anyone know?

bubblepop Tue 20-Jun-06 22:37:18

madrose. its on the nhs. im not sure what they do with the spider veins.

docket Wed 07-Sep-11 11:10:45

Am trying to find out more about this method as have hideous vein on my leg. This thread is obviously ancient - wondered if anyone had had this? Thanks.

Lizcat Wed 07-Sep-11 12:18:46

I had terrible varicose veins - worst the consult had ever seen on someone under 40 ( I was only 33). Mine were too bad for EVLT, so I had 10 from each leg stripped ankle to groin. I have more on the right leg and I'm only 39.

docket Wed 07-Sep-11 14:33:23

Oooh, you poor thing - 'stripped' makes it sound so horrible. How was the recovery?

Lizcat Thu 08-Sep-11 08:53:50

I had two weeks off work. They do adv. you to keep mobile gentle regular walks and the first week was pretty painful as I was quite bruised the second was better. I just had some stiffness when I went back to work.
I am afraid they do strip the vein they cut it at the top open it at the bottom put a long thin instrument in at the bottom pass it up inside the vein grab the top of the vein and pull it out.

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