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My blocked nose hell! What & why? Please.

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saythatagain Sat 10-Aug-13 08:40:38

For months now I've had a worse than normal blocked nose; the 'stuff' moving from one side to the other.
I've tried Bekanase with no success, with the only product giving temperory relief being Otrovine, which is only supposed to be used as a short term measure. Trouble is, it's just not clearing up.
Recently both sides are blocking at the same time.
It's worse during the night when I'm laid down, or like now, just sitting up in bed.
Any ideas or remedies? Thank you.

1stTimer25 Sat 10-Aug-13 09:13:31

Hiya, my DP suffers with this and has since we have been together and like you otrivine is the best remedy for all if an hour! We have seen the gp and DP is going to see E,N,T soon for an assessment to see what is going on... The gp suggested it could be polyps in his sinuses which restrict the passageway... So could be worth seeing your gp for some help! But also in my second trimester my nose every night and morning was blocked, both nostrils and horrible to clear .. I read somewhere that during pregnancy your nasal passageways are put under pressure due to increasing blood flow... Not sure how accurate that is but I just left it and within a few weeks it improved a lot!
Hope this helps smile

FoundAChopinLizt Sat 10-Aug-13 09:25:04

Otrivine if you use it longer than a few days, causes a rebound vasodilation when it wears off (it works by temporarily shrinking or constricting the blood vessels in your nasal passages) meaning the blood vessels in the lining of your nasal passages get even more dilated and congested. This can feel like a severe, snotty blockage and, as you say, the only thing that works is otrivine.

I would try going cold turkey on the Otrivine but it will feel even worse for a few days until it gets better.

Beconase is fine, though, it just damps down inflammation.

EmmaGellerGreen Sat 10-Aug-13 12:35:02

Yep, I get that sporadically. Recently I have been taking ibuprofen and the anti-inflammatory in it seems to help relieve it.

saythatagain Sat 10-Aug-13 15:52:35

Interesting replies, thank you.
I decided to stop using Otrivine this morning and, having read your responses, I'm glad I have.
I think I'll make an appointment to see the GP, if only for them to say there's no cure.
I'm sitting here now with the left side totally blocked.
Another thing I've noticed is I've lost my sense of taste, which is a huge bummer as I love my food. And I seem to be getting a lot more headaches. Could this be all related?

PoshPenny Sat 10-Aug-13 23:00:27

I have had 2 "episodes" like this in the past, and both were allergy related.
The causes were blue nitrile gloves (rubber gloves) and changing my pillow from feather one to a supposedly non allergenic synthetic filling (ha ha ha). I wouldn't say I am the allergic type either. Just some food for thought.

AnswerThePhone Sun 11-Aug-13 01:46:04

OP - do you have asthma?

Sparklysilversequins Sun 11-Aug-13 02:04:38

I was diagnosed with Adult Onset Asthma earlier this year and it started out exactly as you describe. I did all the treatments you describe, endless GP visits, the GP wouldn't consider asthma as I was too old hmm. in the end I refused to leave until I got a referral to the respiratory clinic, that took 6 weeks and by the time I got there, it had moved into my chest and I was really ill, had to take steroids etc, fully blown asthma. Nasal congestion can be a sign of poorly controlled asthma.

magso Sun 11-Aug-13 10:05:42

Loss of taste is usually due to loss of smell sense related to the blocked nose. If the blocked nose does not recover after stopping otravine certainly see the GP. If things do not improve with whatever treatment the GP can provide then don,t be afraid to ask for referral to ENT.

saythatagain Sun 11-Aug-13 11:06:47

Thank you so much for your replies.
Asthma? Wow! That had never entered my head; not for nano second.
I thought (wrongly) asthma was respiratory <clearly highlighting my total and utter lack of understanding>.
I think a visit to the gp is required, along with a firm tone!
I have had nasal issues for as long as I can remember, but it is worse and it is sustained.
I had, what would normally have been, a delicious and tasty pasta dish. I couldn't taste a thing and had to use my taste memory to make the best of a really bad job!

AnswerThePhone Sun 11-Aug-13 12:20:21

OP, perhaps you have nasal polyps. They are also linked with asthma - which is why I asked if you had asthma.

FoundAChopinLizt Tue 13-Aug-13 09:52:24

How's the nose, op?

Did you keep off the Otrivine?

Hope you're feeling better thanks

saythatagain Tue 13-Aug-13 10:10:17

Found - thank first bunch of flowers!
I'm still off the Otrivine and have an appointment booked with the GP this Saturday.
It's no better and I'm hacked off with it; zilch taste, which is making me miserable!
Current status: right side totally blocked.

endoflevelbaddy Tue 13-Aug-13 10:20:00

One thing my gp got me to try was a combination of beconase spray, ibuprofen & otc antihistamine (lorotadine sp?) for a couple of weeks instead of the otrivine. If it is mucousy rather than polyps that combination helps dry up the mucous and clear your nasal passage without the rebound congestion things like otrivine can cause. It did work for me. Hope you get sorted though - can be so miserable when it interferes with sleep and taste and what have you.

tabbycat15 Tue 13-Aug-13 10:38:50

In Australia here we have a saline sinus wash that you can buy OTC. Maybe ask a pharmacist if they have anything or advice.

saythatagain Tue 13-Aug-13 10:42:44

It's not mucousy, more watery if anything. I'm trying not to blow my nose in an attempt to reduce inflammation.
I'm a dribbling disaster zone.....tres, tres bonny.

magso Tue 13-Aug-13 18:27:43

There are stronger steroid drops that can be prescribed if that is what is needed. ENT should be able to check for nasal polyps. Are you getting a post nasal drip ( dripping down the back of your throat instead of needing to blow your nose?

crabbiepattie Tue 13-Aug-13 18:37:56

I suffered with the rebound rhinitis for months cause i was using sudafed nasal spray continuously. It got to tue point where i was using double/triple doses 5,6 even 7 times a day. Getting up in the middle of the night to find it and when id not been able to get more supplies, id break off the plastic cap of the bottle and try pouring in the remaining drops that woulnt get through the spritzer!!

Anyways, i got fed up so researched lots. I ended up buying a nasal irrigation system called Neilmed. Its a more modern version of a netti pot. Added to that i was given a prescription of Avamys steroid nasal spray and occasionally used steam inhalation with a bit of menthol crystals in the water. I used the neilmed twice a day for a fee weeks. Its taken about 6 months but im finally back to normal; as in not needing anything chemically or naturally to keep my nasal passages open!!

floramckitchen Tue 13-Aug-13 20:08:25

I am asthmatic and suffer from this problem now and again. It was only getting the asthma properly controlled that sorted out my blocked nose and loss of taste and smell.

Dr prescribed a Fostair inhaler and Singulair tablets for the asmtha and a nasal spray called Nasonex which unblocks your nose and works miracles!

There is nothing worse than not tasting your food - I can really understand how you feel op! I am mostly ok now but every now and then I will lose my taste\smell even when my nose doesn't seem blocked. I don't worry though because it does come back eventually.

Good luck!

saythatagain Tue 13-Aug-13 23:35:50

Thank you for your responses. It's interesting to hear of possible outcomes and, perhaps, even a resolution?
This evening I had some After Eights - couldn't taste a thing! This was after a spicy prawn curry, which left me with a sensation in my mouth but not even the merest whiff of a taste.
I did think this (albeit temperory) lack of taste/smell would put me off my food; sadly not.

saythatagain Sat 17-Aug-13 15:42:41

Quick update: gp has given me a month long supply of Flixonase; one capsule to be taken daily, half in each nostril. I have been advised to go back after the month is up and get another months supply. If at the end of the two months I'm no better, then I will get referred to an ENT specialist.

ohN0Whatnext Sat 17-Aug-13 17:25:31

Mmm, so what did your gp think your problem is? Flixonase is a steroid. Did the gp examine your nose?

hellhasnofurylikeahungrywoman Sat 17-Aug-13 17:31:10

The watery drainage could well indicate polyps. I was diagnosed with them and the watery stuff that could drain from my nose was astounding in it's quantities at times. I was given a strong steroid to try to shrink them without success.

MadMumToThree Sat 17-Aug-13 17:32:23

I have found swapping from cows milk to soya has made a huge difference to my nasal congestion.

saythatagain Sat 17-Aug-13 18:55:38

He did take a look. I said which one was currently full and he could see that. He mentioned rhinitis and allergies.
I guess it's a 'wait and see' situation.
'twas an amusing sight, me over the edge of the bed so I could see the carpet with dh dispensing the drop! My nose totally blocked though.....this was not so amusing.

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