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Can I take NSAIDs and Aspirin at the same time?

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TheSunTheMoonTheTruth Mon 05-Aug-13 10:10:50

I don't usually take aspirin. But, I have a migraine. It's not horrendously debilitating, but making me vomit and feel terrible. I took a napraxen (an NSAID) about 1.5 hours ago, which I usually take for back pain, but I threw up about 20 mins later, don't know how much would have been absorbed.

DH has bought me some Aspirin Extra (with paracetamol in - haven't taken any of that yet as was out of it). Can I take it now or do I have to wait until the 4hrs is up after taking Napraxen? I won't be taking them together again through the day.

moonbells Mon 05-Aug-13 11:27:04

Best wait. Never take more than one class of drug at a time. I write the time I take a given drug on my hand because I get so woozy with a migraine I can't remember otherwise!

My migraine plan: if I suspect one, I take 2 paracetamol and codeine (which is same as migraleve minus the caffeine).

If it doesn't work, 2 hours later I take 2 ibuprofen. 2 hours after that, 2 more P&C. Usually that does it.

I would get some migraleve and take them, but don't risk any more NSAIDs until your 4h is up (in about 1h10min if I have done the maths right!)

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