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Hysteroscopy and polypectomy - problems 3 months later

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fortyplus Tue 13-Aug-13 01:14:45


That sounds positive - well done you smile

Yes I'm great thanks - very pleased that for me gynae problems are a thing of the past. I hope that the same applies to you before too long. I'm 52 now and doing lots of sporty things that I couldn't have considered in the past.

GW297 Mon 12-Aug-13 10:04:59

Hi fortyplus - thank you for asking. I hope you are well and had a nice weekend. I rang the hospital at the beginning of the week as I was having a particularly bad time of it. The nurse I spoke to was lovely, but explained that sadly I wouldn't be able to come earlier as the consultant was going on holiday this week. I've accepted that I'll have to stick it out until at least I go back in early September now.

I may be taking on a long term cover role at short notice at work so waiting to hear about that at the moment - at least that's giving me something else to think about and focus on!

Thank you for your post. Only my mum and a very close friend are aware that I am still experiencing any gynae problems whatsoever and only a handful of people know I underwent treatment for a uterine polyp at all and they probably now assume that I'm fine! That helps me try to carry on as normal too - when the people I am with don't know I'm ill.


fortyplus Mon 12-Aug-13 07:59:31

Hi GW297 - how are you this week? smile

GW297 Mon 05-Aug-13 11:03:32

Thank you both for your lovely replies.

I asked for it to be done under a local or general anaesthetic but wasn't really given the option as the consultant is a minimal something gynaecologist so I was awake the whole time just with the area numbed. I think it's quite an unusual situation where they didn't remove the whole polyp, as if I'd been asleep they'd have continued until they got it all out! At least if I have to have it again, I'm fairly confident I'll be knocked out first!

I am wondering if I've got an infection or something. It's so frustrating being in a worse state now than I was before I had the procedure. The GP has written to the consultant and I don't think she's interested in doing anything more for me. I am so tempted to book an appointment with the same consultant privately, as I expect I'd be given an appointment for next week!

MrsBottesini Mon 05-Aug-13 01:38:54

I have a pretty similar tale to fortyplus [waves]
can't understand why the op was done without GA tbh. I had mirena put in at same time and no further problems whatsoever. I'd say get back to gp asap. It has such draining effects on your mind and body, please don't suffer any longer.

fortyplus Mon 05-Aug-13 01:26:18

oops - 'my heart goes out to you'. Not been drinking - typo caused by cat on lap!

fortyplus Mon 05-Aug-13 01:25:14

You poor thing! I don't know that I can be very helpful but my hrart gors out to you - it sounds awful. I had hysteroscopy & polypectomy a few years ago, followed a few months later by endometrial ablation. Both these ops were performed under GA - I asked about LA but the consultant said he really wouldn't recommend it as it can be very unpleasant.

The endometrial ablation sorted me out brilliantly - I'd go so far as to say it has transformed my life. (I've posted loads about it in the past.) However it's no good if you still want to be able to have more children.

Off to bed now but hope you get some support. Maybe bump the thread during the day when more people are online. xx

GW297 Mon 05-Aug-13 00:53:06

I have been experiencing intermenstrual bleeding (mid cycle) for almost a year now. I went to the doctor at the end of Jan and she referred me to gynaecology. I had a scan in March and it transpired I had a cyst on my left ovary and a uterine polyp. I had a colposcopy too a couple of weeks later and the results were all clear.

I had a hysteroscopy to remove my polyp at the beginning of May. I was awake for the procedure and after a while I was in so much pain and became so distressed that the gynaecologist decided to stop before he had managed to remove it all (75% was removed.) I felt very unwell for around an hour afterwards but then I felt fine.

I had a heavy period straight afterwards. I then had intermenstrual bleeding in the middle of my cycle again. I went to the doctor and rang the hospital who assured me that it was probably the rest of the polyp coming out and nothing to worry about. It stopped after a few days but then a couple of days later I bled whenever I went to the toilet and have done since then.

I rang the hospital again and the nurse agreed it wasn't normal to still be having problems two or three months later and my GP has written to the gynaecologist asking if he will see me sooner than my early September appointment which was supposed to be to check that the intermenstrual bleeding had stopped. I have not got an appointment through yet.

I am feeling so down and fed up with it all. I have been taking painkillers for months. I know it's nothing sinister as they have all been ruled out.

Has anyone experienced anything similar? Would you book a private consultation if you were me?

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