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General whinge about prednisone for UC

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1stTimer25 Tue 06-Aug-13 21:56:08

Hello mrspinotgrigio sounds like we had different symptoms but similar experience with both pred and Mercaptopurine! Definitely worth sticking with it to gain the benefits smile I hope you are feeling ok padingtonblue

MrsPinotGrigio Tue 06-Aug-13 18:50:02

I was on Pred for 8 weeks last year for my Crohns & I got used to the side effects rather than them getting better. The worst was the insomnia - even though I was exhausted I couldn't sleep for more than 3 hours at a time. It did the job though & the Crohns is now under control with the help of Mercaptopurine. I can't believe how well I am compared to 2 years ago. Bear with it & hopefully you'll see the benefits.

giraffesCantWearSuncream Mon 05-Aug-13 05:56:35

Pred is a fucker! Amazing but shit at same time! Am on it too for my lungs. Hate the sensitive teeth. What dose you on?

1stTimer25 Mon 05-Aug-13 04:30:12

Hiya, firstly sorry to hear after such a long time you have had to give in, I am a crohnie and had to have a 6week cascade of this drug and unfortunately I can't tell you that it will get any better from the experience I had! I was a sweaty grumpy mess also and got a spectacular moon face and weight gain... But it helped my crohns and kick started my longest period of remission so far! I have been relatively symptom free and controlled since with Mercaptopurine and have been really able to enjoy life a lot more than I could before I took the cascade! So if you can grit your teeth and get through this period I hope that you will see a huge improvement in your uc that then might just make how crappy you are feeling now worth it!
hope this helps if only a tiny bit smile

Paddingtonblue Sun 04-Aug-13 22:43:28

After doing everything in my power for 7 years to avoid it, I have finally had to give in and start taking prednisone for my ulcerative colitis. I am here basically to whine about it, and I am only 3 weeks into it. So far I have had thrush, feel constantly like I have PMS and today I have headaches and sweats. I am really thankful that it has made an appreciable difference to my UC but really, it isn't a fun thing to take. Does your body eventually get used to it? I am only supposed to take it for a further 2 months or so hopefully.

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