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Dyshidrotic eczema?

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Sophiedoc Fri 10-Jun-16 14:20:06

Hello there,

I came across your thread while researching dyshidrotic eczema in infants for a Channel 4 programme I’m working on called ‘Superfoods’. I’m currently chatting to someone who is researching the use of dandelions as a potential treatment for this particular type of eczema and was wondering if this is something you have come across when treating the condition? Or have you come across any other alternative therapies that have worked?

Tortoise Sun 04-Aug-13 19:25:51

Years and years? I feel for you.
I want to attack my toes with sandpaper right now, they are itching so badly. Thanks for hand cream recommendation (sp!)

I'm still going to try and see a Dr tomorrow to at least confirm if it could be this or not.

GobblersKnob Sun 04-Aug-13 19:03:11

I have had this for years and years is shit sad

The only thing that eases the itch for me is an anti histamine and loads of hand cream constantly, my fav is the Body Shop hemp one, for some reason it is really soothing and I always have it in my bag and by the bed.

Tortoise Sun 04-Aug-13 10:19:19

At the moment the are tiny itchy spots under the skin. But yes they itch like mad and I've been awake since 7.30 with itchy hands and one foot. New spots appearing on the top of my toes.

RockinD Sun 04-Aug-13 09:43:40

I've got this, just on my left hand. Starts with tiny blisters, itches like f***, I scratch, skin gets broken, it all gets infected, it still itches like f* and it weeps as well, then eventually it all dries up and is just very very sore until it heals.

Nothing from the pharmacist has made any difference to mine. I use hydrogen peroxide when it's at the weepy stage and anti-histamines for the itch.

Tortoise Sat 03-Aug-13 14:45:50

Thanks for replies.
Dr said to go back if it hasn't cleared up. In between my toes is sore and looks horrible so I'd like to get it checked again.
I can't believe how intense the itching is on my foot.

Forgetfulmog Sat 03-Aug-13 14:39:13

I've had it too. No need to go to the docs, it will pass on its own. Apparently it can be linked to gut problems - mine came on after a bout of d&v

DameFanny Sat 03-Aug-13 14:35:29

I get that on my fingers from time to time in summer. I just use a heavy duty hand cream for the itching and try to ignore it. Sorry can't be more helpful.

Tortoise Sat 03-Aug-13 14:34:02

Started off a few weeks ago with tiny blistery looking spots between my toes which got more and more itchy. If I itched them it caused intense burning pain and made the itching much worse.

I showed the pharmacist and she said it looks like athletes foot and i bought some cream that she advised I use.

Over the next few days my feet started to look more like athletes foot with peeling skin and sore red patches.

Just over a week of using the cream and no improvement so I went to the doctor. He said looked like athletes foot (looked, didn't examine foot or touch it) and prescribed anti fungal antibiotics.

Today I have the same sort of spots on my palms and along the inside I'd a couple of fingers.

Googled and this Dyshidrotic eczema came up and reading sounds very similar to my manky feet.

Does anyone have any experience of this? I will phone Doctors first thing Monday for advise.

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