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Anyone had an appendectomy during pregnancy? did you recover ok?

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starfish12 Mon 29-Jul-13 07:41:25

So after a very painful (understatement) day on friday which resulted in me having my appendix taken out,I'm now recovering in hospital.
Im 32 weeks pregnant and the wound recovery is meant to be 6 weeks. Im feeling a bit sad about it all not least because ive just been reading that if it burst its really dangerous for you and the baby - which mine had. And also I was having a dream pregnancy and not taken so much as a paracetamol ive now been under anaesthetic and on morphine every day. My baby is being given steroids in case its born early.
sorry for the ramble but wondered if others had gone thru the same? How long did it take you to recover? Did your growing baby burst your new scar? (The consultants response was well we'll deal with that if that happens!!), and how was your baby when they arrived?
Sorry for all the questions just think the shock from the last few days is kicking in, would be good to hear some positive stories...


Footle Tue 30-Jul-13 17:01:57

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

starfish12 Tue 06-Aug-13 08:14:18

Thanks footle

gosh poor you peritonitis is pretty serious. I've just had another stint back in hospital due to wound infection, but feel more positive about everything now. They said all the drugs they gave me won't harm the baby which has been monitored almost daily and is doing well.

just going to put my feet up for the next 3 weeks and give myself time to heal before the baby comes. What a palava, hopefully one day I'll look back and laugh at this!


Footle Tue 06-Aug-13 15:04:03

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

sunflower Tue 06-Aug-13 22:23:35

Just seen this and thought I'd reply. I had an appendectomy (open, under GA) at 24 weeks. Mine hadn't burst, although the surgeon afterwards delighted in telling me they caught it just in time. Physically I recovered pretty well, I was back at work three weeks later. Though in retrospect I think I could have done with some more time off, psychologically I found it quite hard - probably like you. At the time it happened it was all a bit of a blur and I was given steroids too and the neonatologist was sent to see me to explain what would happen if they had to deliver the baby. It was only afterwards it really hit home how serious it had been.
I feel funny about pain relief too and consequently probably suffered more than I should (not helped by baby kicking scar!).
On the plus side I was looked after very well throughout my pregnancy and went to term, baby was completely fine!
Hope you feel better soon!

starfish12 Mon 12-Aug-13 07:42:37

Thanks sunflower - that's great you went to term and all was ok with baby.
I had to go back into hospital for 3 nights with a wound infection which has prevented any healing. Then a week later had to have the wound opened up and cleaned (without any anaesthetic -ouch!). Bit annoyed i lost 2 weeks healing time while the NHS faffed about for so long. Now they are saying that it won't be healed in time for baby coming in 6 weeks time. I'm feeling ok about it all though and think it could have been so much worse. I've gone private to ensure I'm getting it seen to properly.

going to push for a late scan to check baby is ok then will try and enjoy my maternity leave.

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