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***Tamoxigang - thread number 40!***

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GoodbyeRubyTuesday Fri 26-Jul-13 22:08:27

Hello all! New thread <twirls> as we have almost filled the last one. Help yourself to chocolate chip muffins from the trolley! smile

BetsyBoop Sat 27-Jul-13 08:44:13

morning all

malt definitely sounds like steroid insomnia, just go with the flow smile

safe journey back MAS

enjoy the caves notj

gigs that sounds fun, hope you aren't too ouchy

ruby how are you doing ? I hope you are getting less ouchy too

still no news from EMIN ?

kitkat hope the wig-wearing goes well. I still haven't bothered to get one yet and tbh in this hot weather I'm sure it would personally drive me mad grin

<waves hello> to everyone else

topsyturner Sat 27-Jul-13 10:28:15

Morning All (yaaaaaawn)

Just sitting in my pants , in my living room , enjoying the peace and quiet before the DC get up .

Only thing on my agenda today is a supermarket run I think .

I need some new meal ideas .
Ones that I can make for the entire family .
Can you all list your family meals that your DC love please ?

PictureThis Sat 27-Jul-13 10:44:21

Malt I'm on day 12 of 1st chemo cycle and haven't suffered with any sickness either, in fact I've felt surprisingly ok, just tired, akin to early pregnancy tiredness but nothing I can't cope with. I'm not sure if I'll be fortunate enough to feel this well for all of the next 5 cycles but I hope so. I met a lady at the Look Good Feel Better evening and she told me her sickness started the evening of her chemo and didn't stop for 3 days. Once it got to bedtime that first night and I still felt ok I thought I'd be alright. I made sure that I drank at least 2 litres of water daily too.

malteserzz Sat 27-Jul-13 11:11:40

Morning Betsy smile
Topsy I get really bored with cooking the same stuff especially as ds is fussy about a lot of things. Meals which go down well here are fajitas, enchiladas,lasagne, make your own pizzas not very exciting though. I saw a programme this morning where they did gammon and thought I might try that sometime we've not had that for a while
Picture glad you are feeling well too that's reassuring to hear. I'm going to go out for a little walk today that might help with the tiredness. Was the look good feel better session good I'm booked on one in September

GoodbyeRubyTuesday Sat 27-Jul-13 11:24:24

gigs grin at badger "cleaning" I hope he's washable! Enjoy your stay with friends, hope you get to relax and get less achey

MAS safe journey home, sounds like you've had a lovely time smile

malt almost certainly steroids as I sleep well in between loo breaks but had a few sleepless nights when on the steroids. Enjoy your relaxing afternoon with DD. I'm sure you'll be fine while DH is out smile can he get home quickly if you need him?

notJ sounds lovely, enjoy the caves and I hope the no fighting continues!

kitkat fingers crossed for traffic being good, and safe journey, good luck with wig and hope the concert goes well smile

betsy thank you, am a little less owchy as sitting on a cool gel pack thingy!! How are you?

topsy any excuse to be in your pants eh?! grin we're veggie so probably not much help on the meal front! Have fun at the supermarket smile

picture good news, I hope you continue to feel well smile

Love to EMIN, kurri, ned, amber, copt, raisin and all the people I've probably missed!

PictureThis Sat 27-Jul-13 11:41:32

It was very enjoyable, you get some great freebies and is a bit of fun. My goody bag was packed with makeup from Chanel, Lancôme, Benefit, Bare Minerals, Clinique, Clarins and more, a real treat.

Topsy this week we've had roast chicken stuffed with garlic and herb creme fraiche, chicken and ham pie (usung leftover chicken) with filo top, spag bol, homemade burgers and wedges, roast gammon and parsley sauce. I've just bought Fay Ripley's family food book for more inspiration as I'm sick of cooking the same things too.

Copthallresident Sat 27-Jul-13 12:45:32

Have found Ruby glad to hear you sounding better. Do you think you have turned the corner to getting better?

Big and Little Copt would have Spag Bol 24/7 and Big Copt has turned out a total carnivore unless it is Asian so coming up with meals when all home is a real bore for me too (only downside of getting her home, that and lying awake at 5 am either worrying where she is or having to smell of whatever she and her friends are eating to satisfy their post drinking attack of the munchies). She is back at her flat though sad so tonight we are having baby squid cooked in a sauce of fennel seeds, garlic, tomato, peppers, dried chilli, orange zest, red wine and marjoram, all mopped up with Reubens ciabattia.

I can also offer up alternative ways with mince as a change from Spag Bog and Chilli Con Carne. Cuban Hash: mince with onions, garlic, tomatoes, chopped apple, pimento stuffed green olives, raisins, chilli, green peppers, cinnamon, cloves, red wine vinegar and topped with roasted almonds, sounds mad but tastes nice. Thai stir fried minced pork with basil: Pork mince, shallots, ginger, chilli, fish sauce, soy sauce and handfuls of Basil (preferably Thai holy basil, but ordinary does a good job)

Everyone I cook it for raves about Fuchsia Dunlop's Gung Po Chicken as well (sweet and sour but not at all like the gloop you get in Chinese restaurants)

Hope that helps?

Sad your holiday is over MAS I have been enjoying your photos, such a lovely part of the UK, looking forward to njs of Wookie Hole. I really can't take that seriously as the name of a place, it's like Middle Wallop, we used to grade men on that at uni from best, Upper Wallop through middle and lower to Why Bother? .

Off out Usain Bolt hunting with goon dog, he'll bring him down with a leap to the crotch, is he at St Mary's gigs or staying with the Kenyans in Hampton? Goon dog lurves running with the Kenyans in Bushy Park.

jchocchip Sat 27-Jul-13 13:21:18

Marking place! Hopped my 50th parkrun today <preens>. Off for a swim now. smile at this field has great 3g!

malteserzz Sat 27-Jul-13 14:56:50

All alone here even dd has gone out with friends, feel ok just tired had a nap earlier
Jchoc well done for your run
Picture I'm looking forward to the LGFB it sounds great, don't wear much make up now but might have to start making more of an effort
Copt your dinner sounds lovely, spag Bol is a favourite here too and when I'm really lazy they just like pasta with tomato purée and cheese stirred through!

NedSchneebly Sat 27-Jul-13 18:11:12

I'm coming, wait for meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!! <dashes in and removes rain hood and galoshes>

Pissing down here. Luckily managed to get my washing off the line before it started.

DH taking me out to new-ish Thai restaurant this evening. It will be a year on Tuesday since I finished my treatment, and we thought we ought to mark it somehow. Not sure why really, but seemed as good an excuse as any for a night out smile

Hope everyone is doing ok today, especially those in the throes of treatment. Thinking of you all x x x

GoodbyeRubyTuesday Sat 27-Jul-13 18:23:14

jchoc well done on 50th run - is your injury healing? Hope you enjoyed your swim.

Yay for a year since treatment ned fab excuse for a celebration, enjoy your evening!

malt hope you are feeling rested after your nap smile

There's a sort of festival going on in the park across the road, the music is a bit questionable but lots of stalls and we got stone baked pizzas for dinner, yum yum. I'm just waiting to feel hungry now so I can eat some grin

malteserzz Sat 27-Jul-13 19:18:36

Ned that seems a great reason to celebrate to me hope you enjoy your meal
Ruby pizzas sound good hope you're getting hungry! Nap did me good I think only had half an hour but needed it
Just poured down here was nice to freshen everything up even if I did have to run out and get the washing in !
Hope everyone has a good evening x

trice Sat 27-Jul-13 19:41:00

Copt, I love the idea of that sweet and sour chicken but the ingredient list is far too long. I am a lazy cook. Although I did make rick steins rogan josh the other day which I can recommend.

Feeling a bit tired today and suffering from chemo bum.So undignified. Arse.

Got my scan appointment for the 7th. Which is probably why I am suddenly feeling ill again. Treatment would be so much easier if there was no contact with the medical profession.

kitkat1967 Sat 27-Jul-13 20:58:58

phew - back home. Slow drive up but good run back. I took my wig off in the car on the way as I had a headache but have worn it for the concert and the way back and it has been fine. No-one looked at me oddly and DD said she liked my hair like that. DS was very sweet this morning when I woke him to say goodbye he 'oh, you have done your hair today mummy'. When I said it was the wig he stroked and said it felt like real hair so no traumatised children here.

Glad everyone seems well today - everyone's SE seem to be improving at the moment.

NonnaMai Sat 27-Jul-13 22:09:53

waves shyly.

I've been sent here by some other lovely posters. I got diagnosed with cervical cancer 10 days ago. That's all I know, I've got an appointment on Wednesday to discuss at what stage the cancer is and where I go from here.

I am a wreck at the moment, I'm convinced I'm going to die and I hate myself for not being able to be more positive. I'm putting on a good show for my dc though.

How on earth are you amazing ladies all so positive I could do with some tips.

malteserzz Sat 27-Jul-13 22:32:29

Momma sorry you've had to join us but you are very welcome smile
The bit you're going through at the moment is the worst bit honestly because you don't know what you're dealing with and what the treatment is, everyone told me that I didn't believe it but it's true
We're not always positive I still shed plenty of tears but mainly you just have to get on with it with help from family and friends and the ladies on here
Try not to google ! Keep posting x

malteserzz Sat 27-Jul-13 22:33:04

Bloody autocorrect changed your name im sorry !

topsyturner Sat 27-Jul-13 23:00:40

Hi Nonna and welcome !

Like Malt just said , this is the hardest part .
Once you have your full diagnosis and treatment plan it feels a lot easier

For now , just be kind to yourself . If you want to cry or scream , just do it !

Any questions , feel free to ask .
There are no off limit topics here smile

trice Sat 27-Jul-13 23:21:28

Hi Nonna, sorry to hear what you are going through. Hearing the cancer diagnosis from your doctor is an absolute nightmare scenario. My only advice at this time is to distract yourself as much as possible and just try to get through one day at a time. And never ever Google!

jchocchip Sat 27-Jul-13 23:46:26

Hi nonna. What malt and topsy and trice said. Waiting for results is the time you think the worst and too many what ifs? Once you get a treatment plan you will be dealing with a known scenario. I guess you had a biopsy? Eat plenty of chocolate/ drink plenty of wine - its medicinal. <not a doctor disclaimer>

Copthallresident Sun 28-Jul-13 06:40:53

Hi Nonna

I had Cervical Cancer in situ 26 years ago, as well as a rather more nasty BC 12 years ago, there are lots of treatments available even if it is invasive.

As everyone else has said it is the uncertainty that is worse, perfectly normal to struggle to stop your brain conjuring up scary scenarios.

And you won't find fans of the cult of positivity on here. There is no research that shows a positive attitude improves your chances, that is down to treatments. On top of coping with Cancer you really shouldn't have to cope with everyone expecting you to be positive. So if you want to cry, stick your head in the sand or whatever else helps you cope, do so. And if you want to use here to vent you fears, negative thoughts etc. go ahead. We all have those thoughts, even years after dx, so we have a paranoia box to put them into, and some of us have ample bottoms to plonk on the lid and keep them where they belong.

malteserzz Sun 28-Jul-13 07:48:07

Copt didn't know you'd have cervical cancer too bless you
Nonna hope you got a bit of sleep ?
I was up from 4 till 530 ish

We had loads of rain and a storm last night hoping it will be a bit cooler today, I can hear the wind from my bed. Must venture for a walk today, didn't make it yesterday as everyone went out and I didn't fancy it on my own not sure what I'm frightened of, collapsing I think or suddenly feeling ill is that daft ? Can't stop in for 18 weeks can I !

Copthallresident Sun 28-Jul-13 08:15:01

malt it was just in situ, it is incredibly common to get changes in the cells on your cervix, and very easily treated, usually with lasers. I was a bit unlucky in that it was up inside my cervix and so I did have to have an Op, a cone biopsy. I have two other close friends who had laser treatment to remove Cancer in situ.

However it is like Breast Cancer a hormonal Cancer and apparently having one puts you at risk of others so it was another warning sign I missed (along with them finding sky high Estrogen levels when I had investigations into infertility) sad Estrogen has definitely not been my friend........

MaryAnnSingleton Sun 28-Jul-13 08:54:36

waves to picture and welcome to nonna -am so sorry that you're facing this horrid diagnosis - the unknown is always scarier than once you know what you're dealing with though. Stick with us and we'll help you through the next bits.
Am home and sad to not be in lovely Suffolk but so happy to see my house and dear cat and mum and dad who were minding things for us.
I like the idea of bag of lovely freebies at this Look Good thing- do you think I could go to one ? even if I still have hair ?

BetsyBoop Sun 28-Jul-13 09:12:57

Welcome Nonna but sorry you find yourself here - I think everyone else has already said everything I would say. smile

<waves good morning> to everyone else.

Crap night's sleep last night, no idea why as I was really tired...Awake from 2am-5:30am...slow day today I think...

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