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***Tamoxigang - thread number 40!***

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GoodbyeRubyTuesday Fri 26-Jul-13 22:08:27

Hello all! New thread <twirls> as we have almost filled the last one. Help yourself to chocolate chip muffins from the trolley! smile

malteserzz Fri 26-Jul-13 22:12:10

Well done ruby how are you ?

GoodbyeRubyTuesday Fri 26-Jul-13 22:17:03

Good thanks malt sorry I cross posted with you on old thread! How are you doing?

I had my colour analysis today so will post a bit more later as I think kitkat was interested in having it done.

Hair loss wise I was very lucky. Head hair thinned and is growing back darker and redder which I like, legs thinned so less shaving needed, down there, eyebrows and eyelashes all thinned a bit. Eyelashes was worst as they kept falling in my eyes! But nothing completely went. Hopefully if you do lose your eyelashes and eyebrows they will show you make up techniques at your Look Good Feel Better day smile

Weirdly chemo made my hands a bit hairier, not man-hairy but weird blonde hairs where there were none noticeable before confused

Gigondas Fri 26-Jul-13 22:18:46

Marking spot -thanks for new thread. Colours sound interesting ruby.

Perving topsy over someone outside the Tom jones gang?

kitkat1967 Fri 26-Jul-13 22:20:45

hi RubY glad you are feeling much better now. Yes please tell me all about your colour analysis when you get the time.

I have to go to a concert tomorrow night (DD) so am thinking of wearing my wig as I love it so much and although I still have my hair it is flat and grubby - wil be the first time I have tried it on since buying it!!

notJenkins Fri 26-Jul-13 22:23:02

Just thread mar

GoodbyeRubyTuesday Fri 26-Jul-13 22:27:48

I'm not sure if it's all a load of gobbledigook as I wasn't always sure when she did the comparisons on the others (she put one scarf thing on then another from a different "season" to show which looks best) but I could definitely see that my skin looked better in some colours, and they were ones I like too so that's good! I'm an autumn smile

kitkat if it was you who was thinking of going, apologies if not blush I would recommend it but think it'd be more fun with a friend, it was a nice day though and all very positive about focusing on your best features and enhancing them

I'm going to settle down now as very owchy so goodnight all, hope everyone sleeps well smile

GoodbyeRubyTuesday Fri 26-Jul-13 22:29:09

Cross posted kitkat definitely wear the wig if you fancy it smile

BetsyBoop Fri 26-Jul-13 22:41:50

Just marking my spot before I head to bed. Night night, sleep right smile

Lilymaid Fri 26-Jul-13 22:50:56

Also marking spot and thinking of colour analysis and new wardrobe post treatment!

malteserzz Fri 26-Jul-13 22:54:13

Sounds really interesting ruby smile
Glad you had a nice day
I'm ok thanks touch wood
Off to bed too night all x x

malteserzz Fri 26-Jul-13 22:55:08

Meant to say Kitkat wear the wig it might make it less scary if you do need it later ( hope not ) if you've already worn it with hair

amberlight Fri 26-Jul-13 23:23:35

Ha, new thread. Excellent.

topsyturner Fri 26-Jul-13 23:45:06

<bobs in to cock a leg on new thread>

Sorry Gigs if I seemed unfaithful to Sir Tom , but it was Usain Bolt , in Lycra !!!!!

malteserzz Sat 27-Jul-13 04:11:49

Been awake since 3 is this the steroids or just that I am a crap sleeper anyway ?!
It's hot have opened a window and going to read for a bit

Gigondas Sat 27-Jul-13 07:02:23

Sounds like steroids malt. Have a brew.

You are allowed to perv usain - he is allegedly training round here for next few weeks...

Off to stay with friends today - they have nice big garden and 4 kids to entertain the minis. Still feeling achey (can feel sore shoulder still post physio) so won't be doing much on visit.

What's everyone else doing?

notJenkins Sat 27-Jul-13 07:08:15

I am lying in bed in the van in the middle of nowhere in deepest Somerset but this field has great 3G !

off to do the caves at Wookey today. Bringing a friend and her dd has meant my 2 are not arguing and we are all having a lovely time. Can't type on my phone well so will say goodbye until I get home.

malteserzz Sat 27-Jul-13 07:21:07

Had a couple of hours sleep just had 2 ginger biscuits and steroids still feel ok
Gigs have a lovely time hope its not too far a journey for you and you can just put your feet up there while the girls play and bite !
NJ enjoy your day smile

Gigondas Sat 27-Jul-13 07:40:51

Oh dear -mini gig has cleaned toy badger with the toilet brush... Lucky we have a spare

MaryAnnSingleton Sat 27-Jul-13 07:49:11

Well done ruby - we're coming home today, so should resume normal services... Will be v sorry to leave as I love it here. Also will be going to MILs next w/end which am not hugely looking forward to.
Love to all- must shower and pack up xxx

MaryAnnSingleton Sat 27-Jul-13 07:50:15

Lots of cute toy badgers in Minsmere RSPB shop- thought of the mini gig s

Gigondas Sat 27-Jul-13 08:10:50

We are already outnumbered by badgers - I fear for any more in the house . Have a good trip home mas and enjoy the caves Nj. You just resting up today malt or are kids back?

kitkat1967 Sat 27-Jul-13 08:21:57

I think that'll be the steriods Malt - you just have to go with it I'm afraid. I've learnt that I'll be up for about 2 hrs but then can go back to sleep for a while.

DH and I have v long drive to retrieve DD from music course today - 3.5hrs each way (if no traffic issues) plus we have to sit through a concert. Fortunately my mum is having DS for the day.

Still planning to try out the wig today - will report back on how that goes.

malteserzz Sat 27-Jul-13 08:22:42

Safe journey home Mas
Kids are back they've got swimming lessons this morning and dh taking ds to a football match this pm, I will just chill with dd. Bit nervous about dh going out but life goes on

malteserzz Sat 27-Jul-13 08:24:40

X post Kitkat
Thanks for advice re the steroids
Gosh that is a long journey hope traffic is ok and concert goes well smile

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