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bunged up baby?

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SenoraPostrophe Mon 09-Feb-04 12:03:31

Ds is 4 weeks old and generally doing fine. Last night however he was up more than usual and making odd noises that suggested a blocked nose.

He *seems* OK - was alert this morning (though not for as long as usual). But I'm mildly concerened that he might have a cold or something (he's not snotty, but I have no idea when the mucus glands develop). He's also sickier than usual, but still feeding OK.

What should I look out for? What temperature is normal for babies? I'd take him to the docs but I haven't got round to registering him yet (involves a trip to the social security office).

LIZS Mon 09-Feb-04 12:18:31

Could you try some saline drop and a nasal aspirator - should draw out any dried up bits. Could you call hospital maternity unit for advice ? Probably fine if he's still feeding well.

SenoraPostrophe Mon 09-Feb-04 12:21:54

nasal aspirator? Do you mean one of those turkey-baster things?

Can't call hosp - they will just refer me to the pediatrician (medical roles are very compartmentalised in Spain). Thanks anyway - I'll see how he goes I think.

Thomcat Mon 09-Feb-04 12:23:51

Have you raised his cot. When Lottie has a cold I always raise her cot up at one end and pad the bottom out in blankets so she doesn't roll down and end up in aheap at the bottom.

Also put a bowl of boiling water on the radiator and put some carvol drops in that - keep the air in the room moist.

Put karvol drops on a bib and hang over end of cot.

saline drops up nose help. lay him on your legs, head by knees and slant him down a bit and then squirt a bit of saline into his nose. he won't exactly thank you for this!

vix vapour rub on his chest.

SenoraPostrophe Mon 09-Feb-04 12:26:07

Sounds like it may help, Thomcat, thanks.

Do you know what Karvol actually is chemically? Only they probably won't sell that particular brand here.

LIZS Mon 09-Feb-04 12:30:54

lol SP - yes one of those little tubes with a rubber ball on the end which you squeeze to suction ! Are you in a heated sealed apartment by any chance - ours has really dry air and think that makes us more prone to sniffles and prolonged coughs . A humidifier might help - or water/damp towels on a radiator (we have underfloor heating so no good for us).

Don't know what the outside temperature is over there but could you air the romm for 15 mins or so each morning by opening the window wide - the Swiss swear by it, even mid winter.

Thomcat Mon 09-Feb-04 12:36:40

All i know is - Karvol is an inhalant decongestant which contains a unique combination of aromatic oils including pine, cinnamon and menthol that has been specially formulated to help children and adults breathe more easily to help improve sleep.

Actually at 4 weeks old I would check with your phamasist before doing anything other than raising his cot. The water on the radiator should be okay, but checkwith the chemist re anything else.

SenoraPostrophe Mon 09-Feb-04 12:37:05

Right. It's getting warmer here, but it *is* unbelieveably dry. I should have thought of raising the humidity levels myself really - my mind is still all over the place! (maybe its just lack of sleep).

Thomcat Mon 09-Feb-04 13:01:36

The boiling water on the radiator will help moisten the air too, as well as giving it a bit of an airing. When you air the room just take out the mattress and stand that by the window too to give it a blast of fresh air.

Thomcat Wed 11-Feb-04 09:56:54

How is the little one now SP?

Evita Wed 11-Feb-04 10:09:11

Senora, my dd usually takes a while, even a week sometimes for a cold etc. to develop but it often begins with some restless or noisy nights. She's got one now but has been coming down with it for a week.

All the advice you've been given here is really good - cot head raised, steamy room (a wet towel on the radiator works too).

Hope the little fella feels better soon!

SenoraPostrophe Wed 11-Feb-04 10:32:09

Thanks for the concern, thomcat (and again for the advice, everyone)

He seems fine now - possibly wasn't a cold at all, just a bit of cold dry weather bunged-up-ness. Or a bit of fluff up the nose or something (bad mother alert! )I feel much more confident about next time now though!

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