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Since ive had the mirena coil fitted

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biglips Tue 06-Jun-06 13:26:19

my breasts is so tender!


jellyjelly Tue 06-Jun-06 14:43:58

Are you taking eve primrose?. When did it go in, it can take a while to settle down up to about 6-9 months i was told. Took me months to get sorted after it was put in.

crazydazy Tue 06-Jun-06 14:46:32

Shall we call you bigtits now then?

Seriously though, make sure you go for your check up as I got pregnant with the mirena coil as it expelled itself and I didn't know.

Cadmum Tue 06-Jun-06 14:52:22

Are you certain that you are not pg? A friend of mine is still in the hospital because they are trying to locate her coil following the safe deliver of their daughter... The docs expected it to be expelled during the delivery but it wasn't!

psychomum5 Tue 06-Jun-06 15:00:05


I had the mirena coil fitted last november (in case to help with endemetriosis(sp?)) and altho it has helped soooo much with that, my boobs have been so bloody sore i have even had to wear bras to beds

Oooh, and they have got lots bigger too, gone from a b/c cup to a d. great for DH, not for me tho, as I still not used to it...

biglips Tue 06-Jun-06 15:23:00

i had it fitted dec 04 and im defo not pg! as dp checked me out!!

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