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Do I phone an ambulance?

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sweetiepie1979 Wed 10-Jul-13 18:22:12

Awh for goodness sake. I'm 26 weeks pregnant. Phoned doctors at 5.30 to ask could I call in before 6 to get blood pressure checked. Doctor took call and said describe symptoms. I have headache face pressure and a sort of uncomfortable ness in chest like its hard to take big deep breath. I can breathe though. Presumed that was just big bump getting higher, Doctor said she would see me but send me to hospital so I'd be as well phoning an ambulance. I just wanted my blood pressure checked. now at home wondering if I should phone an ambulance. I'd feel a bit silly really doing that. At home alone with toddler anyway. No one to look after her.

LottieJenkins Thu 11-Jul-13 07:35:30

I hope the OP has gone to the hospital. Speaking as someone who lost her eldest son because he was born prematurely at 26 weeks and also had pre-eclampsia with my second son it makes me really cross when people ignore the advice of their doctors and the collective of MN and put their own health and that of their baby at risk!!

RobotBananas Thu 11-Jul-13 08:05:48

How are you this morning OP?

Montybojangles Thu 11-Jul-13 11:44:54

Hope you are ok op

sweetiepie1979 Thu 11-Jul-13 12:36:47

Hello all, thank you very much for your replys and concerns. My husband got home about 11 last night and I still thought best to wait and go to doctor this morning. I had blood pressure and temp taken and she had a listen of my chest.and checked urine. I had a very stressful morning on phone to bank do if my blood pressure was ok this morning, then I must be fine. All is well, suspected sinus and indigestion. I'm sorry I continued to not take anybodys advice after asking. I felt like there wasn't anything serious wrong so I knew trip to hospital with a toddler was going to be more stress for me. So once again thank you everyone particualRl to those who shared their own experiences.

GoingToBedfordshire Thu 11-Jul-13 18:22:03

Glad all is well, but I still don't get your logic! Take care, hope you feel better soon.

ihearttc Fri 12-Jul-13 13:23:55

Just to say your BP may well be absolutely fine now but that does not mean you aren't getting Pre-Eclampsia.

I had a check with hospital at 31 weeks with DS2 and my BP was was actually lower than it had been previously. 3 days later I felt a bit odd for want of a better chest felt strange and my eyes went all funny so went home and got someone to pick my DS1 up from school and got the train to hospital (I know I was crazy but just knew I didn't want to drive).

They checked me there and my BP was still ok and had no protein in urine but luckily a fantastic doctor was concerned enough to want to admit me despite me begging to go home...his response was "Ive seen this all go wrong too many times like this so please stay" and I did.

The next morning I felt a bit better and my BP was still ok (they were doing it hourly) but by the afternoon it gradually began creeping up and I started to swell up. They monitored me over night every half hour and although my BP was high it was stable. By the next morning I resembled a balloon and could barely breathe so they decide to try and induce me in the afternoon...they were going to give me a few hours to see if anything happened as Id had a baby before and if not Id have a CS. Thankfully 4 hours later DS2 appeared and was whisked away to NICU weighing just over 3lb.

Pre-Eclampsia is a terrible thing. Apart from feeling slightly odd a couple of days beforehand I had no inclination that it was going to go like it can literally come on overnight which is why its so so important to always get checked out.

If I hadn't have gone to hospital that day and that doctor hadn't have admitted then the little boy that is causing havoc in my lounge wouldn't be here now.

Please please take seriously what everyone is saying to you x

nellyjelly Fri 12-Jul-13 13:34:33

If doc says go to hospital you should go! If it had have been pre-eclampsia you know the outcomes for that don't you? It can come on very quickly and cause death tonthe mother and child.

Always err on side of caution when pregnant. Glad you are ok though.

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