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short menstrual cycle

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geekgrrl Mon 05-Jun-06 19:27:29

I've been having 21 day cycles for about 4 months now and am really fed up with it.
Seeing that my period lasts about a week once it starts, I only get two weeks 'off'.
Dh has had the snip so I don't take any hormonal contraceptives and don't particularly want to start taking stuff (though would gladly have something radical done to stop periods for good!!!).
Any ideas what can cause short cycles and what can be done about it?

chapsmum Mon 05-Jun-06 19:28:51

there are many things that can cause hormonal irregulatities form thyroid function to stress.
do you have any other symptoms?
evening promrose oil can help to regulate hormones.

geekgrrl Mon 05-Jun-06 19:34:46

thanks, do you think it'd be worth seeing my GP? I'm fine otherwise, I thought I might have thyroid problems because I was freezing cold all winter, but now that the weather is better I'm ok.
I'll try EPO.

Posey Mon 05-Jun-06 19:36:38

Pregnancy worked for me. Aside from 9 months(pregnant) + 1 year (breast feeding) of none at all, when they came back my cycle had lengthened by almost a week.
Might be a bit drastic though!

chapsmum Mon 05-Jun-06 19:47:52

are you due a smear etc???

chapsmum Mon 05-Jun-06 19:49:49

why not make a well woman appointment for an mot at your surg??

geekgrrl Mon 05-Jun-06 20:44:27

will do, thanks very much chapsmum.

Posey - very drastic, espec. considering dh having had the snip! Don't think he'd be impressed if I suddenly became preggers! LOL

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