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i year old walking funny - should I be concerned?

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hex Mon 05-Jun-06 19:02:08

Our (just turned) one year old dd has been on her feet walking for about 3-4 weeks but we've noticed that she appears to have a slightly weaker right leg which is turned outwards a bit and she walks slightly on the inside edge. Don't know whether this is just a matter of her trying to balance or indicative of something more serious. It doesn't seem to impair her mobility at the moment - she scoots along quite fast. Anyone else had similar

Coolmama Mon 05-Jun-06 19:14:27

My DS did the same thing - he still looks like he is walking with his feet rolled in a bit - Dr says it is nothing to worry about at this stage - they are just literally "finding their feet" and it's all about balance - so you may also see very splayed toes etc as they grip their way along too -

BadHair Mon 05-Jun-06 19:19:58

GP won't refer further until they're 3.
Ds2 used to walk slightly strangely, with one foot turning inwards, and he kept falling over. GP said it was pointless referring to consultant until child is at least 3 as consultants won't act before that age.
He advised me to keep ds2's socks and shoes off as much as possible and come back if things didn't improve.
DS2 is now 3.5 and is much better. TBH his balance isn't great but I'm not really that worried, and he's soooo much steadier on his feet than he was this time last year.

Posey Mon 05-Jun-06 19:24:10

Ds too had an odd gait, sort of rolling (like people who need hips replacing) and foot turned in. Mentioned it to HV as wasn't sure if I should be worried. She got GP to look who agreed it was odd but was too young for a referral as they often grow out of it. He did. Now 3.5 and walks and runs entirely normally.

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