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Blood test shows liver chemical is slightly higher than normal.

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artyanklet Tue 09-Jul-13 21:15:39

I have just had blood tests back that shows liver chemicals are slightly higher than normal. GP has asked me to get a new blood test done in around 2 months.

Here is where my problem lies and I do not know if the two are connected! - During May I saw a different GP as my usual preferred GP was on leave. I was suffering from pain near my belly button on my left side and it was on and off for about 4 wks before I saw him. He sent me for a scan, by the time the scan appointment came through I was starting to get a pain/ache/discomfort on my right side ( not as high as my ribs, just a little bit down) the scan showed that my Gall bladder duct was slightly enlarged, (the sonographer told me this). The letter that I got back from the GP was that all was fine.

I was a little confused but as the original pain on my left had virtually gone and the pain/ache/discomfort on my right was not there all the time I have just muddled on. Certain positions bring on the right side discomfort etc... Obviously now I have had this blood test done I am slightly worried that the discomfort could be my liver, my GP obviously knows nothing about the right side pain.

Its not a constant pain and I am definitely not in agony, it is more uncomfortable more than anything. Part of me feels like I am putting 2+2 together and coming up with 6. I know that if I had not had this routine blood test done I would not have given it another thought.

I guess I am wondering if the Gallbladder duct and liver chemicals are anything to do with each other and if this is the uncomfortable feeling I keep on experiencing!

I am dithering over whether to make an appointment to see my GP or just wait the 2 months.confused

boysrock Tue 09-Jul-13 21:21:13

Big disclaimer before i say anything

You need to see your gP to put tour mind at rest and explain about the pain, but from what you describe I would hazard a guess at gall stones.

They can cause pain in left and right abdo and can be responsible for elevated liver function tests. You're right the two are very much linked.
Its worth seeing your GP again in any case to get a proper diagnosis and have a discussion over it.

artyanklet Tue 09-Jul-13 21:33:09

Thank you for responding, I will try and get an appointment in the next few days.

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