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gallifrey Tue 09-Jul-13 21:10:58

I've just had a shower and while I was washing down there I felt a hard mass around my vagina. I've looked in the mirror and it definitely looks like a prolapse sad
I have been on codeine for approximately 3 yrs but only this week have been given lactulose and that has helped although I have been straining to poo.
I'm bloody terrified now although it doesn't hurt at all.
Should I make an appointment to see the doctor asap or can it wait a few days?

frazmum Wed 10-Jul-13 06:36:10

I had one after birth of DS4 and while it wasn't urgent to get medical attention, it was distressing so the quicker you get yourself to the doctor the better for your piece of mind. My GP was fantastic and very sympathetic - mine ended up sorting itself out but it was uncomfortable for a couple of months while it did.

It's not medically urgent, but it is distressing. Maybe have a look at your GP's surgery website and see if any of them specialise in Women's health and ask to see that one.

I've been on the Any old prolpase thread for about a year and there is lots of help and advice on there, you are very welcome to join in.

Your GP will probably refer you to the gynae physio department as a first step, they will be able to give a more expert assessment and suggest strategies to improve things (exercises, lifestyle changes etc). More severe cases can need surgery - I had a surgical repair which was very successful last year. Some of the ladies on the other thread have been fobbed off by GPs, be prepared to stand your ground and mention the codeine, straining etc.

I should add that I lived with mine without too many problems for about 6 years before it got a lot worse and I had the surgery. With hindsight, lifestyle advice at the outset would have been helpful, I had inadvertently been doing stuff that was putting an extra strain on the area.

gussiegrips Wed 10-Jul-13 08:38:38

Yep, I concur with all that's been said - I'm a women's health physio.

But, get your GP to look at you in standing - if they lie you flat on your back the prolapse can slip back in, which leads to the "that's not too bad" diagnosis.

Get the GP to look up your fanjo from the floor.

Don't worry, there's lots that can be done, but, yep, management is the key.

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