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Help! Adult glue ear?

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fengirl1 Tue 09-Jul-13 20:33:12

Just that really- or maybe not.
Back story: about seven weeks I had a cold, which then turned into a nasty cough. My left ear also felt 'full' at this point. I went to dr who prescribed antibiotics for chest infection.
Two weeks later, my ear still hasn't cleared and I was producing green snot (sorry!) from right side of my nose but left side totally blocked...
The only person who was available was a nurse, who prescribed a two week course of antibiotics. By this point, I was obviously deaf in my left ear (with a nice dose of earache here and there). Ten days in, it started to clear, but after a week (three days after finishing abs), it started to fill again.
I've been back today and seen a dr who said no more abs as I've already had three weeks, and that I'm being referred to ENT as my ear is so inflamed.... The only thing I can try in the meantime is anti-inflammatories.
The problem is, I need this ear <dramatic> as I already have Eustachian tube dysfunction in the other ear which causes permanent tinnitus and intermittent deafness.
Anyone out there with any experience? It's driving me mad, and making me feel low as I feel so cut off when I can't hear.
Thanks for reading, it got a bit long! smile

Candlefire Wed 18-Sep-13 12:51:31

Yes, it is early days. I was told to give grommets 2 weeks to settle. I get odd noises in my ears anyway due to Meniere's. The grommet helped my condition, though. Just a bit of a pain always keeping it dry in shower, hairdresser etc.

mineofuselessinformation Wed 18-Sep-13 21:31:40

Thanks candle. The pressure seems to be gone (really hurt if I burped blush). Still have the chuffing noise and my ears need to adjust to hearing noises again.
I'm glad I asked again on the day of the op how long to have off work - I was originally told two days - was given a sick note for two weeks which I think is sensible as I'm quite wobbly at times and don't think I could cope with lots of noise!

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