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A bit shocked by a referal

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sleepdodger Tue 09-Jul-13 00:12:32

If this outs me then please don't let on, I need this space to brain dump

I saw new gp tonight as moved house and took usual medical details
All fine until bit about family cancer and fast forwards to a fairly speedy referral to a breast surgeon
My mum had it twice (happily very much alive) so I've never given it much thought past oh well what will be will be then I'll get fixed and carry on, but when she then linked that to contraception in terms of always best to get full picture before making big decisions (ie any more dc what contraception do you use/ are interested in) I got a bit nervy then on examination she found a small cyst hence referral
I'm very very grateful I have a seemingly v proactive gp after not having this before but I'm sat here in silence with tears rolling down my face as dc and dh are asleep suddenly realising she basically thinks I will get diagnosed too in next x years
I think I'm a bit shocked
Has anyone else had this & how do you move forwards ?
I have always been v proactive and positive I guess it's never occurred to me that on paper I'm high risk hmm
I'm booking a private appt tomorrow to get seen ASAP should I do anything else back away from google
I'm not panicking yet just shocked at my self I guess
Dc are little hmm

sleepdodger Tue 09-Jul-13 00:13:12

Sorry missed main point mum was young at 36

malteserzz Tue 09-Jul-13 05:22:49

I can understand you're in shock but great that your gp was so thorough. This will probably turn out to be nothing serious so try not to google and think about the what ifs till you've had your appointment
9 out of 10 lumps are nothing sinister
Let us know how you get on
As I have BC myself I'm pleased your mum is ok, hearing stories of people who have survived is always welcome smile

Barbie1 Tue 09-Jul-13 06:02:40

I have also been through the very same scenario.

My mum had breast cancer and thankfully came through the other side.

I am a expat so move around pretty regularly. Each time I go to a new doctor I get asked a million question and about three months ago got asked to attend a scan.

While I endured a few sleepless nights and scared myself silly I am incredibly thankful for the extra care taken with my health.

I had a lump at one appointment too, turned out ok as I hope you are

Themobstersknife Tue 09-Jul-13 06:11:59

I have a much worse history of bc in the family than you, but am still only classed as medium risk, so I would be surprised if you are classed as high risk, although I know the pre-menopausal diagnosis risk is slightly different. Despite losing three blood relatives to the disease, my hospital still ummed and aahed about referring me to the family history clinic, but they did in the end, which now means an annual mammogram from age 40-50 then the norma screening. I have had a couple of scares as well prior to this, which have all turned out to be cysts. Try not to worry too much and see what they say at your appointment. Usually with any lump, you get seen at a clinic where you have all the tests you need on the same day, and sometimes diagnosis at the same time. Even on the NHS so your private appointment should hopefully also provide this and provide you with some reassurance. Good luck. Hope all turns out ok.

sleepdodger Tue 09-Jul-13 06:48:07

Thank you all for your replies; I'm sorry some of you have been poorly and I realise how trite I must sound in comparison so I apologise, I realise some people have bigger things going one which was very selfish
Mum had it twice and ended up with a double mastectomy, she is made of strong will and faith so we are thrilled she is well now - and has been over 15 years so aside from having to have implants replaced has done really well and I'm aware of what a great outcome/ inspiration she is, I guess last night I was tired emotional and indulgent, thank you for all your support it is much appreciated. Will lurk around for next few weeks brew

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