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Anyone using organic toothpaste?

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eclipse Mon 05-Jun-06 11:53:09

I have been using organic toothpaste with my ds (one year and 7 teeth) because I hate the thought of him having the sweeteners twice a day that more mainstream toothpastes all seem to contain. Does anyone know if these are okay or does anyone have any knowledge of more traditional children's toothpastes that don't have artificial sweeteners?
Many thanks.

Pruni Mon 05-Jun-06 12:10:06

Message withdrawn

FrannyandZooey Mon 05-Jun-06 12:11:25

We use the Weleda ones, or the Green People ones, they have nothing nasty in them. They don't contain fluoride which bothers some people. They have worked fine for us so far.

Blu Mon 05-Jun-06 12:24:56

I used Kingfisher for a couple of years - not sure if it is actually organic, but sold with high 'natural' credentials. Eventually, my dentist told me to stop as it was too abrasive and was doing something bad to the enamel or gums...he said 'use a high street toothpaste!' and considers many 'natural' toothpastes to be a mixed blessing because they rely on abrasives to scour the plaque off.

eclipse Mon 05-Jun-06 12:41:57

Wow. Thanks for all these quick responses. Just been to check what sort we use and one's mandarin flavour by the Green People Company and the other's foreign and I can't see which bit's the name but the ingredients are in English and are sound. Both seem to use chalk, presumably as the abrasive bit. We don't brush that hard at the moment but I'll keep an eye on that aspect.
I'm reassured not to be the only one using alternatives. Felt a return to my hippy roots. I think I'd prefer ds to have sugar than daily sweeteners (although perhaps not in toothpaste), but that's another story.

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