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18 month old - wobbly tooth after accident - will it come out?

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TheHonArfy Sun 04-Jun-06 12:59:48

Yesterday DD fell off our windowsill (where she wasn't supposed to be, thanks DH but that's another story....) and smacked her mouth - blood everywhere. Took her to the minor injuries place and they said she had badly bruised gums and one of her 2 front top teeth is wobbly, but it 'may stabilise'. What do they mean? I can't bear the thought of it falling out (this seems to have revealed a wobbly teeth phobia for me). But how does it stabilise - how likely is it to fall out now? If you look at it you can see it's moved and isn't where it was originally but I don't dare touch it and see if it still they actually heal properly and stay in?

For lots of yesterday she couldn't drink out of her sippy cup or suck thumb (so LOTS of tears) but today she seems to be able to do this and eat - hopefully a good sign - and no more bleeding after a little bit in the bath last night.

Anyone else had this and the tooth has survived? And should I take her to a dentist, will they actually be able to help? (we don't currently have one)

TheHonArfy Sun 04-Jun-06 22:09:47

have just endured 2 and half hours of screaming before she finally conked out, at end of my tether. terrified she'll knock the bloody thing out flailing around in a fury in her cot

Piffle Sun 04-Jun-06 22:12:31

dd chipped her toth and it wobbled, crikey she must have been 2.5 ish at the time.
The tooth went inot her top lip deeply(drove her car over the Kerb onto the road (dp on parent handle (sigh))
Her tooth was wobly too was a front one, they said should stabilise but to bring ehr back if it went gray.
I expected it to fall out, but apparently milk teeth are often more robust than adult teeth which I never knew!

TheHonArfy Sun 04-Jun-06 22:13:43

cheers Piffle, feeling slightly better about it all now - have had a terrible weekend and def in a v.pessimistic mood

Aero Sun 04-Jun-06 22:14:20

bump for arfy. Have no idea about teeth stablising, but poor wee thing. Couldn't read your post and not sympathise. Hope it's looking better tomorrow.

Frizbe Sun 04-Jun-06 22:14:56

ahhhh I have sympathies, dd1 (2.6) did this a few weeks ago, she bashed 4 of them on a tile floor whilst we were out and they too bled, although not as badly as yours by the sound of it, but I was horrified and having thoughts of toothless kiddy until age 6ish.....after about 3 days of saying they hurt and not being able to suck thumb/eat with them, she started to feel better, and the two that were wobbling stopped! so I guess thats what is meant by re setting. Keep pileing in the Calpol/nurofen until she feels better, here's hoping tomorrow will be a nicer day for you both

dinny Sun 04-Jun-06 22:16:56

so is she in pain, Arfy? I'd take her to a dentist tomorrow. and, yes, they wil be able to help (or refer her if necessary).

TheHonArfy Sun 04-Jun-06 22:18:41

Thank you Frizbe (and Aero for the bump)! Am feeling much more confident now.

Yes, lots of blood - and we were trying to get out the door to do about a million things and get to my rehearsal and concert AND leave the flat in a suitable state for 3 viewings when I had to take her off to hospital and leave DH in charge of mopping up the bloodbath

as it happens, the bloody keys we had cut and didn't have time to check worked due to the kerfuffle didn't work and noone could get in to view the flat anyway

TheHonArfy Sun 04-Jun-06 22:19:39

I think I am going to have a bash at finding us a dentist Dinny - it's really bad that I haven't already done it.

cece Sun 04-Jun-06 22:19:54

DS had his tooth knocked out last year when he was 18 months. However, he walked infront of a child on a swing [ouch] and it fell out immediately. The dentist said not to worry though as it had come out cleanly and one should grow when his second teeth come in

Once the swelling has gone down (so tomorrow) I would take her to the dentist so they can check. At that age the root is still on the tooth so that might be what is bothering her?

dinny Sun 04-Jun-06 22:21:50

just take her to nearest one, Srfy - they will see a little one straight away, I'd have thought...?

hope she's OK. definitely think dentist is good move, just to check.

kid Sun 04-Jun-06 22:23:34

DD did that when she was 3.5, just a few weeks before she was due to be a bridesmaid. The tooth was wobbly so I took her to a dentist and was told one of the following would happen:

It would stop wobbling and be fine (so nothing to worry about)

It would stop wobbling and turn grey (still nothing to worry about, adult teeth would not be effected)

It would turn grey and remain loose (the tooth will need to be removed)

I was told it could take up to 2 weeks to see what the outcome would be. DD's tooth was fine, it wasn't straight anymore but didn't discolour or need to be removed. Infact, it only recently fell out and she is 7 now.

TheHonArfy Sun 04-Jun-06 22:25:04

ok am now convinced to find dentist. it is pathetic we don't have one, sometimes I wonder if I'm qualified to be a grown up. We are already beating ourselves up about being crap parents this weekend and waiting for a visit from the HV

not sure if it's hurting her - she also has a cold and turns out she needed to do another poo which could explain tonight's shenanigans. She's had calpol.

TheHonArfy Sun 04-Jun-06 22:26:57

thanks Kid!

dinny Sun 04-Jun-06 22:28:10

don't beat yourself up. dentist will be able to check it out properly tomorrow, hopefully.

oh, is HV doing the checking-up thing after accident is filed by A&E?

if she had bad toothache she would be grabbing her mouth, I'd have thought?

melissasmummy Sun 04-Jun-06 22:28:29

The tooth could very likely tighten up. The fact that it hasn't come out yet means the ligaments (or some of them) are still intact. As long as she doesn't play with it, is as careful as she can be for a few days, it could stay put. I have seem re-implanted teeth stay successfully.

It may have some mobility for the whole time it is there, but this should be minor. She may even lose it sooner that se would normally, but this wouldn't be a great problem.

I would see a dentist, just for peace of mind. They will be better placed to advise after seeing it. I don;t think there would be alot they can do, except reassure, but in some cases, thats invaluable.

TheHonArfy Sun 04-Jun-06 22:30:08

yes they have to report accidents. still my HV is quite sensible, suspect she'll come round though as I haven't seen her for ages

TBH she isn't really grabbing her mouth and the gum looks much better, so my gut feeling is tonight's strop is unrelated. Also she started kissing us today (very sweet) which seems good news for the pain in her mouth!

TheHonArfy Sun 04-Jun-06 22:31:38

thank you Melissasmummy. She's being very sensible about avoiding the tooth actually, when eating/thumbsucking/drinking.

yes I will go to dentist. we're all (over)due a trip

I love Mumsnet

Beauregard Sun 04-Jun-06 22:41:23

Hi ,my dd1 has knocked(as you described) her 2 top teeth more than once and on one occasion when we took her to minor injuries they said they would treat it as a head injury (presume for records)and advised taking her to the dentist's asap!.The dentist's were fab and saw her straight away and she had x-rays etc and we were told that she had loosened the teeth quite a lot and that they would probably come out and if not soon then sooner than milk teeth usually do!Anyway for ages i was paranoid about them(although dd wasn't fussed)and that was over a year ago now and apart from being a bit crooked they are still there!!!!and aren't loose either!
Hope your dd is ok?

melissasmummy Sun 04-Jun-06 22:44:57

You're welcome. Tell the receptionist that you DD had a fall, she should get seen quicker.

Any swelling could make the tooth alter its normal position, or stay in it's new. As long as she doesn't get any discomfort when all is better, she will be ok. Trying to force it back may well cause more problems than leaving it be. Too much trauma can damage the nerve & cause too many problems, so don't be tempted to wiggle it or try and push it back. I would have thought as long as she doesn't bang it, she shouldn't get too much pain from the tooth, more likely the lip & gum.

Don't worry about her knocking it in her sleep, our brains have an excellent way of making sure we don't hurt injuries when we are asleep. Her lip will act as a protector, too. The blood flow to the head is far greater than any other part of the body, hence what seem to be alot of blood for such a small tooth, but also, healing happens quicker.

melissasmummy Sun 04-Jun-06 22:47:10

Any swelling could make the tooth alter its normal position, to which it could go back to or stay in it's new

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