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Could this be Thyroid? If not, What is Wrong with Meeeeee!!

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Earthymama Wed 03-Jul-13 10:52:18

Hi I am at the end of my tether, I said to DP this morning that I cannot face living like this any longer.
I have long-term arthritis, psoriasis, long-term sinusitis. Arthritis and sinusitis make me feel very ill on occasion. I could constantly be on antibiotics as sinuses/ upper chest is always productive(sorry, TMI) Fighting the pain is always part if my life. I take meds and supplements, would do anything to sort my health.

I eat healthily and am reasonably active though I don't exercise as such.

I work with young children, it's tiring and demanding and quite isolating, though I have an active social life and a fabulous family.

I get SO tired, I pick up every virus from the children, I find I rocket between being ok, I work, cook , garden, socialise, sleep 7 hours.
Then I collapse, can't do anything but function, work, eat a little then go to bed, sleep around the clock, work, eat a little then go to bed, sleep around the clock, and so on.

I went to the doctors last week and they did blood tests, which have come back clear. I should be glad but I am devastated. What the hell is wrong with me? I did some reading and realise I have all these symptoms but blood tests say no.

Symptoms of underactive thyroid can include:

extreme tiredness
weight gain, but with a poor appetite
feeling the cold easily
dry and/or pale skin
coarse, thinning hair and brittle nails
weak and sore muscles
puffy eyes
memory loss and poor concentration
heavy, irregular or prolonged menstrual periods, if you’re a woman
tingling in your hands and arms
poor sex drive
slow heart rate

If you haven't passed out through boredom, has any one got any ideas or experience or, hopefully, advice?

RubySparks Wed 10-Jul-13 12:26:55

Also ask for blood test for coeliac disease - similar symptoms to IBS and also leaves you very tired, it is in same autoimmune 'family' as hypothyroidism and some people also get a rash, often on elbows. Hope you get some answers soon, vit d is also worth testing for.

Earthymama Fri 18-Oct-13 01:23:47

Hi I have come back to update you all after your support and kindness when I was so, so down at heart.

I decided nearly 3 weeks ago that I would try to cut bread out of my diet, and other things like cake and pastries. I was craving brooche, croissants and pain au cho and having lots of toast.

I feel as though someone has flicked a switch in my brain and my body!!
I no longer want to sleep constantly, I can concentrate on tho gs, cook a meal, play the fool well live normally.

I still have pain from arthritis and sinuses but the lifting of the brain fog is amazing.
Sadly I can see what a mess the house is and how much I haven't done while feeling so ill so the list of tasks for DP and I is getting longer.

I have spoken to my GP and she is going to do some tests in the coming weeks to ascertain if I am gluten intolerant or .. Well I not sure exactly what but at least she was supportive..

I want to thank you all again. This may not be a miracle cure but it is such a relief to feel like myself again.
Blessings Earthy

itshotintexas Fri 18-Oct-13 02:11:31

Hi Earthy, after reading your OP, i was going to suggest gluten or coeliac disease. If they are going to test you for coeliac disease, do not cut out all gluten, or it will not be measureable in a blood test or biopsy. And then they will tell you that you are not gluten intolerant/coeliac. I am both coeliac and hypothyroid - both autoimmune disease and linked. The other thing with gluten intolerance can also be a lactose intolerance. Sounds like you are on the right track. good luck

Earthymama Fri 18-Oct-13 07:44:52

Itshot, my friend is also lactose intolerant but I couldn't face cutting out both at once but I haven't had my usual ice cream binges lately, just not fancied it!

Maybe I am growing up at last!!

So should I eat some bread etc on the days before the tests, do you think? I guess it makes sense but I will be scared

Earthymama Fri 18-Oct-13 07:49:57

Just looked at the dates on the first part of the thread; if asked I thought I started it in late August! It was much earlier.
Last year I found myself 'missing' chinks of time, when I could not remember having done anything. I am determined to never, ever be like that again.

Thanks again from a sleepy, but in a good way -as just woken up- Earthy x

RawCoconutMacaroon Fri 18-Oct-13 08:40:25

I read your initial post and was thinking you have many autoimmune symptoms going on, not just the possible thyroid.

Antibodies to gliadin (in gluten), start to drop after about 6 weeks of a totally gluten free diet, just cutting out bread and cake won't make you gluten free, it is in almost everything you buy that's commercially made... Don't feel you have to eat piles of wheat at every meal until the test, one meal a day with a normal portion of pasta or bread will be enough, as you will be getting lots of "accidental" exposure from other foods.

If the tests are positive, you have your answer, if they are negative, don't assume it it NOT the grains, there are lots if false negatives because of the tests they use, and the range of "normal".

So after testing, even if the test is negative, it may be worth doing a TOTAL exclusion diet on all grains (including rice and maize/corn) for a month or so. You can then add back rice (least likely to be a problem), and maize (about 10% of wheat intolerant people also react to maize/corn flour, not great as they put it in a lot of gluten free foods!). If you are ok with those after a few more weeks, you could add back other grains to see what happens!

What happened to me, was I reacted really badly to anything with gluten in (massive gut pain within mins and then other symptoms for a couple if days) and also to maize/corn flour. Rice I can tolerate only in small amounts, and nightshades (I realised later) which are potato, chilli and sweet peppers and tomato, I can eat but with caution (not too often, not too much). I had ALL of the symptoms you have, and more. Now I don't grin.

If you google something like whole30 or grain free exclusion diet, you will get plenty of info. Doing a strict exclusion for a few weeks will do you no harm at all, and it might give you the info you need to be well.

Good luck smile!

Earthymama Sat 19-Oct-13 18:30:37

RawCoco, (do I guess from the name that you can eat those?!)wink
I should have said that the tests will be done when I get back from the trip of a lifetime to San Francisco!!

I leave tomorrow and am so excited and also a bit apprehensive about food.

On Thursday I ate out, had nut roast with pepper sauce and within hours the lethargy returned, brain fog, odd dragging pain in lower back and the Itch from hell. I feel better today but am so worried.

We are real food lovers and cooks and have so enjoyed researching veggie cafes and restaurants and I don't want to rain on DP's parade.

Thanks for your advice I will take it on board on my return and will surreptitiously try to while I am away.

RawCoconutMacaroon Sat 19-Oct-13 18:55:58

Enjoy Your holiday.

Mmmmm you are veggie? That complicates matters somewhat if trying to avoid inflammatory foods... But not impossible.

The nut roast Would have had gluten? Tomato, and possibly chilli? (Nightshades).

I'd be tempted to self cater as much as possible. We tend to go out for a coffee, or a drink but cook ourselves because its easier and safer... But it takes a while to get into that mentality because we all like to treat ourselves on holiday, I do resent always having to take charge of meals but, it's that, or feel ill for several days sad.

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