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Postnatal depression - statistics anyone?

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willow2 Thu 05-Feb-04 15:46:26

Hiya - does anyone know the latest statistics on postnatal depression and/or stats for how many mums are on anti-d's? Been trying to locate on the web but not having much joy. Thanks.

marthamoo Thu 05-Feb-04 16:05:16

I believe the official figure for PND is 1 in 10, but unofficially it's thought to be nearer 1 in 5 (pretty sure I read that in The Observer article - there was a link to it on a thread on here a couple of weeks ago. No idea about anti-ds' sorry.

marthamoo Thu 05-Feb-04 16:07:54

link to article

willow2 Fri 06-Feb-04 00:19:01

Thanks ever so much.

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