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ds 19months having a ct scan on tuesday

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7up Fri 02-Jun-06 21:40:03

anyone else been through this with a little one. they already tried to give him one last week and the premed plus stronger drug didnt knock the devil out so couldnt do it!

hes being admitted to the kids ward so they can give him a cocktail of drugs. apparently he cant have a general because its too expensive. im not looking forward to it as the machine is so bloody noisy and he'll be in it half an hour!

Jimjamskeepingoffvaxthreads Fri 02-Jun-06 21:41:39

7up I've missed your story-why does he have to have one?
It's too expensive? that can't be right? (I know they do like avoiding GA's with little ones).

7up Fri 02-Jun-06 21:46:33

hi jimjams, hes been diagnosed with diabetes insipidus at last after me telling the docs from birth that he drank loads and theyve said "its habit" until his dietician suggested he had DI. the scan is to see if he has tumor, disease, deformaty on his pituarity gland. apparently DI is caused by the gland not working properly or his kidneys and the kidney scan was clear. my mums coming with me, thank god as hes got to have a cannula put in his hand or foot again for the drugs and the dye. hes still got bruises on both hands, elbows and feet from the tests over the last 3 weeks bless him.

luckily he wont remember anything but when he the drugs wore off last week he screamed for hours!

sparklemagic Fri 02-Jun-06 22:08:38

7up, just had to say best of luck with this, poor little mite ; hope all goes well.

Jimjamskeepingoffvaxthreads Fri 02-Jun-06 22:47:40

Oh poor little thing, will be thinking of him. All I know about diabetes insipidus is that there was an A level Biology question set on it in about 1996!

I would ask them about the GA etc again, just to be sure of the reason for not giving it. He needs the best care, not the cheapest.


gengis Fri 02-Jun-06 23:42:12

hope all is well on tuesday, ds 12mths had a ct scan last week to investigate his fractured skull. He fought the medication to make him drowsy but it eventually worked..Good luck!

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