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Advice please Magnetic Resonance Therapy and cancer (iMRS 2000 or QRS)

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digerd Sat 29-Jun-13 10:51:21

Magnetic resonance works on magnets and heard of only the MRI scans to detect various illnesses, including tumours.
Not heard of it as a treatment for cancer or any illness, just as a diagnostic means.

CMOTDibbler Sat 29-Jun-13 09:26:57

I'm really sorry that your DH's cancer has recurred, and I know that you'll be desperately looking for anything that could help. But the things you mention are pure quackery. Please don't give your money to the charlatans.

Roshbegosh Sat 29-Jun-13 08:18:50

No sorry but I hope someone can help. Sorry to hear this. Look after yourself too.

Wedenlello Sat 29-Jun-13 06:34:16

We have just found out that my dh throat cancer has recurred and is attacking the base of his skull just 2 months after having the all clear following surgery,chemo and radio. I am looking at Magnetic Resonance Therapy in particular the Quantron QRS and the iMRS 2000 to complement what ever treatment the oncologist advises. Does anyone have any experience of either of these systems or is it just quackery?

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