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TMI - postnatal incontinence?

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philbee Sat 29-Jun-13 12:29:13

Thank you. I still don't really know what's happening but I think maybe it is cm not urine. My big fear is that it's a prolapse, but I walked a lot yesterday and it was no worse, so that seems like a good sign. It's been so long since I had cycles I can't remember what to expect! I'll just have to wait for the gynaecologist referral I think.

Dahlialover Thu 27-Jun-13 16:51:20

I used to have a problem of leaking after going to the loo, where urine had not cleared properly from the urethra, due to damage. This was just in the weeks post-natal and sorted with pelvic floor exercises and I did not need to have an op for that.

Cervical mucus is stringy if you get some on your fingers and pull them apart. I have also felt wet from the effects of having a dry vagina due to lack of oestrogen ( I know that makes no sense!) which I have heard can happen if you are breast feeding.

Not sure what you can do but hope this gives you some ideas.

philbee Thu 27-Jun-13 14:47:33

I had DD2 9 weeks ago and have had no problem with wee leakage (or other leakage) until middle of the night yesterday. As I sat and fed her in bed I could feel myself leaking. It doesn't happen with coughing, sneezing etc. GP has referred me and says not infection but can shed no light. I am worried - has anyone else had this? Only other thing I think it could be is return of fertile cervical mucus, but I really can't tell, could it feel similar? Sorry for tmi. hmm

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