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aveeno for exema?

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dyzzidi Thu 01-Jun-06 22:34:04

Ok I have heard this aveeno stuff is good for exceme my dd is really suffering aged 6 months. DH is in texas this week and is going to bring me some of the baby stuff home.

In the meantime where can i buy the baby one? Is it available on prescription? Do you all use the baby one or the adult one on your kids?

Please let me know.

PrincessPeaHead Thu 01-Jun-06 22:41:48

I didn't know there was a baby one, I just use the normal one on all mine (including my 4mth old). you don't need a prescription to buy it (all boots stock it) but you can certainly get it on prescription if your gp is willing.

Get your DH to bring LOTS home from the states, it is a third of the price there.


Hollyboo Thu 01-Jun-06 23:23:03

There is a red and cream tube and a green and cream tube. They reccomend the green one for babies but it doesn't say it's for babies on it. There is a suncream especially for babies. I couldn't get it here but mm got it in Boston for me. I swear by it. WOrks wonders on dd. hth

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