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anyone use herbal / non-prescription sleeping tablets?

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thewomanwhothoughtshewasahat Thu 01-Jun-06 22:21:35

I have never been particularly good at falling asleep and as I have exams at the moment and am more tense than normal I bought somer valerina (sp?). I have to say I am stunned by the fact that it clearly works. ironically that also makes me a bit worried - there's something not quite right about taking a tablet to get me to sleep, even if it a non-presciption one. anyone know anything about it? I had a look at all the ones available in boots btw and they're basically all the same (incluing nytol) - this valerina stuff, plus hops, and some have lemon balm in them too. do they have any long-term effects?

Fauve Thu 01-Jun-06 22:37:49

Hello, thewomanwhomimetinalift It's just valerian, it's a herb, won't do you a bit of harm, or be addictive, or anything. Just 'erbs. AFAIK.

I thought of you tonight; ds has written a review of the book you're named after for homework (cruel dh forced it on him). The review says:

"It is about neurologic illnesses that Dr Sacks has observed and then written down with more detail than most would be bothered to find out. The best part is the part about the disembodied lady, who cannot feel or acknowledge the existence of her legs. [The book] was far too complicated and I do not understand neurological terminology very well."

Sleep well, and good luck in your exams

thewomanwhothoughtshewasahat Thu 01-Jun-06 22:44:09

we've got the book in the hat house, I tried to read it once but didn;t get very far. I do like your ds's review.

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