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Bony Bumps on back of head - anyone ever grown more than one?

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Milliways Thu 01-Jun-06 21:39:58

I have had a marble sized bony lump on back of my head for several years. Had it Xrayed when it developed & just bone, no probs just can't rest it against back of bath etc (need a pillow).

Last night could feel a tiny new bump, which is actually 2 tiny pea sized lumps, a few inches from main bump.

Does anyone else have this? Am I going to grow lots of bumps? Better not get bald then!

busybusybee Thu 01-Jun-06 21:48:18

Is it a Dermoid???

DD has one above her eye - She is on the waiting list for it to be removed

Demoids are harmless but do get bigger - I dont know if more develop over time though - Try googling "demoid" my mum found some good links

Milliways Fri 02-Jun-06 19:57:51

Thanks - will have a look.

Twiglett Fri 02-Jun-06 19:59:19

does it move under the skin .. could it be a sebaceous cyst

Milliways Fri 02-Jun-06 20:18:19

No - rock solid so probably bone like the big one - except this time there are 2 tiny ones next to each other.

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