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Spots on cheeks

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mairimac Thu 01-Jun-06 18:57:20

my ds is 8 months old and two weeks ago developed spots on his cheeks. They look like pimples. Some days worse than others. Predominantly on one cheek. Does anyone know what this could be?

FloatingOnTheMed Thu 01-Jun-06 18:58:44

I've no idea but i remember dd having them as well, they were like adolescent spots. Only 2 or 3 though. Never worked out what it was, sorry, just thought i'd share!

mairimac Fri 02-Jun-06 09:24:06

floatingOnTheMed - did they go away?

FloatingOnTheMed Fri 02-Jun-06 16:08:08

Yes, not sure how long they were there for though, it was a fair while ago.

FloatingOnTheMed Fri 02-Jun-06 16:08:23

might not be the same thing, my dd only had 2 or 3 of them

sunandmoon Fri 02-Jun-06 21:56:11

Just read your thread mairimac and your DS is not alone.. My DD 10 months1/2 has got these spots too. And she always have more on her right cheeks than the over one. I have now gone to the point of ignoring them. We have seen the paedtrician last week for something totally different and after checking DD, she even didn't mention about the spots so I don't think we should worry. I live in London so maybe it is due to the pollution!!!!

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