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Help!! Crohns/colitis, stomas and birth plans!!! Any suggestions anyone???

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Hazeydays Tue 25-Jun-13 00:08:59

I was diagnosed with crohns at 11. Had varying degrees of health through my teens and at 23 had a pan procto colectomy and had the whole thing removed and permanent stoma fitted. I had always grown up being told that i would be unlikely to have kids so practically fell off my seat when I found out in January i was expecting...

myself and DD are elated, and cannot believe how forchunate we are to be in this position but I have been having serious problems trying to find out any info about birthing...

hospital have flicked between natural birth and elective section, I am just worried that I wouldnt be able to push this baby out having not used any of these muscles for over twelve years, all I care about is doing what might be best for this baby!

A conversation with specialist nurse last week scared the bejesus' out of me when she said that a tear or cut would likely end up in my perineum splitting from one end to the other...

I appreciate that my situation is unusual but I am so scared I have encountered serious lack of knowledge understanding or support from obs and gynae dept at my hospital which has made me very sad and frankly terrified...

anyone with any advice, Id love to hear from you!

Pitmountainpony Tue 25-Jun-13 02:05:15

Sorry I cannot help but did not like to see no reply

The forum above is really helpful and lots of people on it.
Good luck and congratulations on getting pregnant!

Hazeydays Tue 25-Jun-13 12:05:23

Thanks love, I have had a wee look on the forum, its not the most common problem so its always really hard to find information....

I have to do battle with the OBGYN tomorrow so we'll see what he's saying this time!

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