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Anyone feel like diagnosing my TMI embarrassing mystery fanjo problem (science is baffled)?

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OohMeAchingParts Mon 24-Jun-13 20:53:23

Checking name change. Will be back if it works...

OohMeAchingParts Mon 24-Jun-13 21:15:22

Whoo, that took ages. Sorry, this is long.

Right, here goes. I have had a recurring wee sore patch on my fanjo for some time, always in more or less the same place just next to the entrance of my vagina. It's not hugely painful, but irritating, noticeable (a bit stingy) when I wipe, and I'm obviously concerned about what it might be.

It's often but not only there when I'm pre-menstrual, and has come back off and on over a few years now. I have been to the doctor, and the GUM clinic with it, and haven't really got anywhere. At first I was worried it was a herpes sore (I've had one previous attack of HSV-1) but the GUM doctor thought not, and eventually suggested it was a lesion caused by an extreme case of thrush. But I don't have other thrush symptoms like discharge or itchiness, and although prolonged treatment with Canesten relieves the discomfort a bit it doesn't make it go away.

I've also been to a herbalist who wondered whether it might be something related to recurring mouth ulcers, possibly connected to herpes virus activity even if not a full outbreak, but though the potions she gave me were very effective for the mouth ulcers they had no effect at all on the sore bit on my fanjo.

However, I happened to run out of the ordinary Canesten the other day and found a tube left over from some child's nappy rash which had added hydro-cortisone: I used it because there was nothing else (I know, not advisable) and it cured the sore patch within a couple of days.

Obviously I'm pleased (so long as it lasts), but is there any chance this might help diagnose what it actually is? Does anyone know what kind of a funny fanny thing might respond to hydrocortisone, or have any other ideas about what the problem might be and how to treat it if if comes back?

redshoes Mon 24-Jun-13 21:24:02

Inverse psoriasis?

OohMeAchingParts Mon 24-Jun-13 21:30:41

<Googles>. Interesting. Have never had any other sort of psoriasis, and it's such a tiny wee sore bit it doesn't really look like any of the pictures I just found, but definitely worth considering. Thank you.

Any other possibilities?

trigger2 Mon 24-Jun-13 21:32:19

I had researched into various Lichen conditions due to previous issues with unhappy vagine.
As far as i remember Lichen Sclerosis can cause dry thinning itchy skin and may be mistaken for thrush, there may be white patches on the vagina.
There's also Lichen Simplex and Lichen Planus. Now IIRC Lichen Simplex causes skin to itch, skin red or purple in colour, there may be tears in the skin caused by scratching and there may be thicker patches of skin, its almost more an eczema.
Lichen Planus causes raised bumps more like blisters. These can also occur inside the mouth, on wrists and ankles.
Hydrocortisone can help when skin is irritated, I used it myself when my vagine was complaining and because they were still investigating thrush I wasn't allowed to use any thrush meds.

Hope this helps. Word of warning some of the photos on the internet are scary ! And yes, please go to your GP, they really have seen it all before. Dont self medicate when you dont know what it is.

best wishes


Takver Mon 24-Jun-13 21:37:53

I was going to suggest maybe Lichen sclerosis. Maybe go back to the GUM clinic and tell them about the hydrocortisone helping, that might give them new ideas?

OohMeAchingParts Mon 24-Jun-13 21:48:30

That's very helpful, thank you. Does anyone know whether any of the lichens could be in such a small restricted area? I may be being led astray by the google pictures again, but they do seem to me much more spready than my thing - it really does look like a tiny little nick or blister or something.

Yep, probably sensible to tell the GUM clinic about the cortisone. Am sure they will growl at me for using it off piste though!

OohMeAchingParts Mon 24-Jun-13 21:50:57

Trigger, did you get a diagnosis in the end? It'd be nice to hear about repeat visits ending up with some solid information after all - I am getting a bit disheartened about ringing up and making yet another appointment.

trigger2 Mon 24-Jun-13 21:56:22

Certainly my doc said that lichen sclerosis can just start from a small patch, I assume they all do. I'd try the gum clinic first then back to gp depending on what they say, it may be something easily treated or alternatively gp can refer you to gynae/dermatology.
Best to get investigated though. And yes don't go mad with the hydrocortisone cream, although I confess to using it down there and near my eyes when eczema flares up. The docs didn't growl at me ! (Although something growled at them hahahah - sorry !)

trigger2 Mon 24-Jun-13 22:02:55

Just saw your other post. I didn't have any sores as such just dry thinning itchy, very easily irritated skin. Sometimes it showed as thrush, other times not. Doc thinks I'm starting early menopause which would explain some of it, and its generally sensitive. I have to be careful what I wash with in the shower & non perfumed detergent with pants & towels in a hot wash. I also have to be careful with sanitary towels, bodyform are fine, but it doesnt like always. Make sure you're well lubricated for any action, and go to the loo afterwards or shower if you can.
Hmm, thats about it certainly for me. It still aint happy but its better than it was ! Please dont be shy, I was a student nurse at one point and they really do see some minging things, sorry but they do, it's just clinical to them.

Best of luck

RandomMess Mon 24-Jun-13 22:07:54

When my dd was in nappies the drs insisted she had thrush, turned out it was psorasis...

Same thing though, canesten did nothing but the stuff with steroid in made it disappear (although it always returned)

So just a thought that psorasis in that region can vary hugely in how it looks.

OohMeAchingParts Mon 24-Jun-13 22:28:02

Thank you, everyone. (& thank you for being kind and sensible and not going 'bleeuuuurgh', too!)

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