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bone marrow biopsy

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EnlightenedOwl Sat 22-Jun-13 12:15:09

It is looking likely I will be having one of these. Its going to hurt isn't it?

ANyone any experiences?

Kenanddreary Sun 23-Jun-13 15:35:48

Hi Owl - please don't worry. The thought of it is much worse than the actual experience. I have had two of these. The first time I was absolutely dreading it because anyone who knew I was having one pulled a face which made me feel horrible!! In the end it wasn't too bad at all and when the doctor had finished I remember actually saying 'is that it?' because I had been expecting something much much worse.

The second time wasn't too bad either. The whole procedure takes about 20 minutes and there are moments of deep pain but they honestly don't last long and are not unbearable. I was a little sore for a few days afterwards on both occasions but once again it was nothing too bad at all.

Good luck and try not to worry. smile

EnlightenedOwl Sun 23-Jun-13 17:31:52

that doesn't sound too bad - I wasn't worried until someone said to me ooh they're not nice to have those..... Thank you for replying!

Lilymaid Sun 23-Jun-13 17:39:58

DS has to have BM biopsies because of his leukaemia. Last time he had one he went straight off to do some sales shopping afterwards.

EnlightenedOwl Sun 23-Jun-13 18:59:16

now that's what I like to hear! Although secretly hoping I might get a day off work out of this! Thanks for your replies, won't worry about it now.

Kenanddreary Sun 23-Jun-13 19:21:52

Hi again Owl - I must admit I did have the following day off work as I had the procedure quite late in the afternoon and remembered from the previous time that I was most sore the following day. It's quite tender and you wouldn't really want anyone bumping into it for 24 hours or so.

But wouldn't be the end of the world if you had to go into work either.

Good luck! Let us know how you get on if you end up having one.

Sorry to hear about your DH Lily. Hope he is doing ok. smile

neriberi Tue 25-Jun-13 16:28:13

I've had one of these done and its a bit like taking the core out of an apple, anyway mine was done under a local anesthetic, I was a little sore afterwards but not enough for me to drive anyone up the wall, however I do have a high pain threshold BUT in saying that I made sure I didn't do too much afterwards.

I have to say the worst part (for me) was having to keep the area dry for 48 hours, other than that all was okay really.

I'm sure all will be okay smile

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