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probiotic drinks - from what age?

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poppiesinaline Wed 31-May-06 18:50:55

DS2 on antibiotics. He is 13 months. Is he old enough for probiotics drinks or is there something else I can give him to replace his 'friendly bacteria'? Nothing too expensive and something easy to get hold of.

Feistybird Wed 31-May-06 18:53:38

Sorry have no experience of them - do they really help if you're on antibiotics?

poppiesinaline Wed 31-May-06 19:04:22

No idea!!! I was presuming so cos antibiotics strip your body of ALL bacteria good and bad, so I presumed replacing the good bacertia was a good idea but wasnt sure how to do it!

poppiesinaline Wed 31-May-06 19:40:20


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