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Any one knowledge or experience with St Johns Wart? Please

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charlieplus3 Wed 04-Feb-04 16:05:14

Hi just wanted some advice on St johns wart i.e Does it work? how does it make you feel? is there a cheaper alternative? how long should it be taken for?

Anything to do with it really!

I know i can ask Doc all this but much prefer your comments

Janstar Wed 04-Feb-04 16:08:23

I used to take it and it worked really well for me. I took a very high dose and I didn't experience any side effects. It is a long-term treatment and takes a few weeks to kick in.

However I have read comments by other people on mumsnet in the past where they have advised people to check it with the doctor. I don't know the reason, but I am sure someone will post and enlighten both of us!

Blu Wed 04-Feb-04 16:11:12

It is a really strong herbal medecine, and mustn't be taken if you have various conditions, or are taking ADs, for e.g, so that's why it's best to check with your doctor or qualified herbalist, preumably.

singingmum Wed 04-Feb-04 16:17:13

Have taken st johns wort for a few reasons and it has worked every time.I've used it to sort out hormonal probs and deppression.You have to be careful and just basically sensible.Ask chemist about wether it's safe with other drugs you are taking as they know better than docs when it comes to drug interaction.Also st johns wort can make you light sensitive if you take too high a dose.
Have to say would have cracked without it.
If you want it for mild deppression quiet life are a good alternative for short periods or kalms.
Again check with chemist about other tablets etc.

Northerner Wed 04-Feb-04 16:20:25

Hi. I know of someone who fell pregnant whilst taking it as I believe it alters the effects of contraceptive pill.

kizzie Wed 04-Feb-04 16:51:44

singingmum - did you take the 3x 300 tablets a day?
Im on prozac at the moment after 2 years of trying to withdraw from seroxat (long story) and its been suggested that I go onto st Johns wort for a few months when I finish the prozac as a stop gap.
Interested in any thoughts on it.

charlieplus3 Wed 04-Feb-04 18:38:28

not on any med apart from contaceptive injection so will check that. Havnt got pnd but am quite low at moment so thought may help. They are expensive though. Got a packet of 30 in Tesco and was £14.95, does that sound about right?

spacemonkey Wed 04-Feb-04 18:42:27

i'm sure i've seen them cheaper than that - try holland and barrett?

hmb Wed 04-Feb-04 18:45:57

There is some evidence to show that St Johns work can trigger seizures in epileptic patients. It can interact with antiseizure medication and it can also lower the seizure threshold in some patients. It happened to a mate of mine. So although it is effective it does have side effects.

charlieplus3 Wed 04-Feb-04 19:54:00

cool space monkey will check there website

charlieplus3 Wed 04-Feb-04 20:06:05

you would not believe the price difference in Holland and Barrett. I could get 200 for what i paid in Tescos.

Phattgal Thu 05-Feb-04 09:20:12

I bought some the other day from holland and barrett 200 for 2.95 NICE!!

GreySquirrel Thu 05-Feb-04 11:43:04

I took it for about two years to prevent stress headaches, it worked but when I got pregnant I had to stop taking it as it is advised not to take in pregnancy (I heard it used to be used for abortion traditionally but no research done as far as I know?) and I got withdrawl symptoms, the headaches were back with a vengance. Because of that I would advise others to be careful when taking over long periods and if you stop do it gradually if you can.

Thomcat Thu 05-Feb-04 12:11:31

i'm thinking of taking it as i've just come off the pill after years and years and years! Thought doing that would effect my moods so St Johns Wart would stop me turning into a stroppy, mood-swing cow from hell!!!

I did take it once before in a drink form, you have to put 15 drops in aglasss of water or something, and it did seem to give me a bit of a lift. I took it for a couple of months I think.

However, yes it does effect the pill so beware.

berries Thu 05-Feb-04 12:12:25

I read recently that it can make contraceptive pill less effective. Not sure about injections but would check to be on the safe side.

Thomcat Thu 05-Feb-04 12:12:44

I think you also have to be careful if you are taking it and are exposing yourself to a lot of sunlight, ie sunbeds and a lot of sunbathing in hot summer.
I think I remember that right???

singingmum Sun 08-Feb-04 17:16:08

Charlieplus3, How long have you been on the pill injection look up deepo provera on here and youll find out why I ask.I have started a thread warning people to be careful as the pill injection can have some major side effects in the long term as can cause deppression,hormone probs.This is why I am now on st johns wort.
Kizzie,I used a one a day version lately but it all depends on which brand etc you get they all work the same.The best I used was from a health shop that sold all herbal remedies.Can't remember the name of the shop as it was bought by my mother.It was a 2 a day version and was excellent although warning on the smell as stinks.

charlieplus3 Sun 08-Feb-04 18:09:44

Singinmum. Hi Where would is thst thread. On Health? Only on first injection, second due in a few weeks butim not sure if i want to carry on with it, mainly because of the mood thing.


charlieplus3 Sun 08-Feb-04 18:12:16

Excuse spelling trying to b/f and type

singingmum Sat 14-Feb-04 12:43:07

charlieplus3, Look under health depo provera.
It's a nasty drug with nastier side effects.I have done a lot of research on this.

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