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Has anyone had a septoplasty ?

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HullaBalloo Wed 31-May-06 14:47:34

I have a deviated septum which I have been told by my current ENT specialist, is causing my sinus problems and needs resolving with a septoplasty operation. I'm quite worried about the prospect of this - both the operation, recovery and whether it is likely to work as I've had a deviated septum for at least 25 years and only in the past few years had sinus problems and seen other ENT specialists who've never mentioned having an operation.
Has anyone had any experiences of septoplasty ?

crazydazy Sat 03-Jun-06 22:36:49

I too am having septoplasty, my problem is my nose is slightly bent as I broke it a few years ago and as a result I snore quite loudly . It really affects DP's sleep and so the doctor is going to try and straighten my septum to correct the problem.

Am quite scared to have it done....sorry no advice though Hullabaloo.

HullaBalloo Sun 04-Jun-06 22:50:27

Thanks for the response Crazydazy. Like you I'm a bit worried about it and was hoping for some reassuring posts. I've read some horror stories on the Net which was probably a bad idea as I realise most people who have a good outcome probably don't bother to post.My ENT consultamt introduced me to a patient who'd had it done the previous week and he said it was the best decision he'd ever made - his breathing was so much better, which was encouraging but he's the only person I've spoken to that's had it done.
When are` you having yours done ?

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