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cows milk discomfort....please help

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Spongebob Wed 31-May-06 14:16:04

Hi guys. At 12 months , I switched my DS from formula to cows you do....and found that it upset him...tummy ache, runs or constipation....visited GP who told me to switch back to formula and to try him again at 2 monthly intervals...he is now nearly 2 and still has the same reaction to it...although he is ok with yoghurts and cheese, its just when he starts having substantial amounts he becomes uncomfortable. GP is telling me that my DS's problem is an idiosynchrasy, he CANT have a problem with it as his formula is based on cows milk...and the yogs and cheese blah blah....but the minute I switch him, he gets uncomfortable again!!! What shall I do? The GP also told me not to use soya as I will be compromising on vitamins, and to try semi-skimmed milk (which I thought you shouldn't do with kids???)....HELP!

Marne Wed 31-May-06 14:20:47

I had to put dd1 on half formula and half milk for a while as she would'nt take cows milk. Maybe you could try doing that, gradualy reduce the formula so his stomach gradualy gets used to the cows milk.

CADS Wed 31-May-06 14:22:28

My ds is 27mnths and has been on soya milk since 13mnth due to cow's milk intolerance yet he can tolerant yogurts and small amounts of cheese but not milk. I have tried him on milk several times and he just doesn't tolerant it. So you see, your ds is an "idiosynchrasy". My dad also can't tolerant milk and cream but eats tons of cheese and butter.

Go figure

mimiasovitch Wed 31-May-06 19:59:59

Hi Spongebob. My dd2 could never tolerate cows milk, but wsas, like yours, ok with yogurt and cheese etc. She had goats milk formula when I couldn't express, then fresh goats milk from a year old. Now at 3 she's fine with cows milk for everything, though she doesn't like it as a drink.

cjmummy Wed 31-May-06 20:45:10

Hi Spongebob. My ds is 15 months and is still on formula (omneo comfort) - Aptamil and the other formulas didnt agree with him when I stopped bf. I have been told by a nutritionist to leave it a little while until I try him on cow's milk but that when I do it will need to be boiled initially to help break it down so that it is easier for his body to digest. Perhaps you could give this a go!

RedZuleika Wed 31-May-06 21:11:54

My husband is 32 and has the same problem.

He used to become ill mid-morning after eating a large bowl of cereal with cow's milk, or shortly after a dessert with custard or a milky coffee. All the symptoms of IBS.

He switched to goat's milk some time ago and the attacks have all but vanished. He can now drink cappuccino in moderation and eat custard occasionally. If he overdoes it on the cow's milk, he starts to feel ill again, but as long as his consumption is low level, he's fine.

He can eat yoghurt, no problem. Also, cheese. I remember reading something about cheese some time ago - regarding how the high fat content impeded the gut in reacting in quite the same way as it might to, say, skimmed cow's milk. Can't remember exactly what the issue was, though.

I guess you probably don't want to try your son on cow's milk at two monthly intervals for the next 30 years...??

Spongebob Thu 01-Jun-06 14:19:18

Thanks everyone for your help

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