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20-month-old, scary poo

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NotQuiteCockney Wed 31-May-06 13:51:36

DS2's poo started going wrong yesterday morning, and has been seriously wrong since last night. He seems to poo every fifteen minutes or so, producing essentially moist food and dirty water. I'm not sure he's peeing. His bottom looks, and clearly is, mindbogglingly sore.

The really weird bit is, he's generally fine. He's eating well, running about, full of energy. He's drinking water, and mostly his usual self.

I've tried offering dioralyte, but he doesn't seem to want it. I'm changing him often, not using wipes (they make him cry!), and using lots of very nice cream.

Should I offer iboprofen or something for the discomfort? How long does this need to go on before I take him to the docs? I'm trying to steer him away from high-fibre food (not with that much success), is that worth the hassle?

NotQuiteCockney Wed 31-May-06 13:52:17

Oh, we have all had tummy bugs lately, so it isn't that strange, I guess. He just seems to have it worse, and the fact he's in nappies is obviously causing other problems.

BettySpaghetti Wed 31-May-06 14:06:08

Our DS had this a while ago (at the same age) and was very sore. Like you we used water rather than wipes and used metanium cream on the really sore bits. He was fine other than when he pooed as it obviously really hurt him.

For a couple of days we stuck to the BRAT diet (banana, rice, apple, toast) and offered water to drink as he was still always hungry and it seemed to help.

CADS Wed 31-May-06 14:14:15

Poor boy. DS had a tummy bug at 23mnths and got the worst nappy rash I have ever seen. I use to lay him on the floor with his nappy off and he would acutally just lay there (not normal for him). Also, I use to wipe his bottom then dab it with a wet cotton wool pad which i had dipped in water with lavendar and chamomile oils (1/2 pint warm water and 1 drop of each of the oils). Also, completely covered his bottom in Metanium & Sudocrem when he had a nappy on.

Took him to GP on the 2nd day and she said to just give fluids (water or dioralyte) and things like white toast, boiled potatoes and rice. She said that they don't do any tests until they have had it for more than a week.

Didn't find calpol or ibuprofen helped.

NotQuiteCockney Wed 31-May-06 14:36:08

I've been using Kiehls cream, which I'm really happy with. He isn't limp or floppy at all, is running about like normal, just with scary bottom stuff happening.

Hmm, BRAT diet is probably the best plan, but I'm not sure i can face it. He has pretty firm ideas about food, to put it mildly, mostly liking raisins, popcorn, lots of lovely high-fibre stuff. Maybe I'll get some tempting white bread etc in ...

CADS Wed 31-May-06 14:40:14

Sorry, didn't mean ds was limp or floppy just meant it felt so good for him not to have his nappy off because his bottom was so sore that he was happy to lay on the floor with his legs in the air.

NotQuiteCockney Wed 31-May-06 14:55:08

Oh, yeah, he's like that, a bit - sorry I misunderstood. He's very very aware of what I use to wipe, when I'm putting cream on, etc. He was so upset at the wipes, I've never seen him like that. Poor thing.

I'd love to let him run around without a nappy, but the poos are too regular and too scary.

CADS Wed 31-May-06 14:59:15

DS prefered it when I use to dab is bottom clean instead of wiping it. Would your ds lie down and watch tv for a few minutes after each nappy change? then when he get restless put his nappy back on. DS really suprised me by actually lie still for 30mins once.

CADS Wed 31-May-06 15:15:08

I don't think I made myself clear again,

If he will lay down, you can put a plastic sheet on the floor, and old towel onto, then an open nappy under his bum, incase he poos. Basically, my thinking is, if he poos with the nappy open/off it won't make some much contact with his bottom so won't the nappy rash worse and will give it a chance to heal.

NotQuiteCockney Wed 31-May-06 16:20:15

Hmm, he might be on for that. Tricky to manage with an older brother around, though ...

He's been down for a nap since 1:30 or so, I'm quite surprised and impressed (ok, and a bit worried). He rarely naps for 2 hours, never mind 3. Well, he probably needs it, though.

TheHaikuPolice Wed 31-May-06 16:28:37

Is it too cold for him to go outside for a bit with no nappy on? I don't know if you have anywhere he can be outdoors and it not matter if he poos...

Poor you, and poor him. I hope it works its way through quickly.

NotQuiteCockney Wed 31-May-06 17:07:54

We don't really have appropriate outdoor space. And yeah, it's pretty cold today.

He slept for three hours (!!) and hadn't pooed in that time, although he's since pooed again. Still runny. But using water + cotton wool, and loads of the Kiehls stuff, seems to be sorting it.

NotQuiteCockney Wed 31-May-06 18:22:36

Gah, he's pooed twice since his nap. Poor old thing.

TheHaikuPolice Wed 31-May-06 18:47:47


manitz Wed 31-May-06 19:55:26

nqc, if you cant cope with brat (which i wld recommend too) just cut out any protein for 24 hours as that what the bacteria lives off apparently.

NotQuiteCockney Wed 31-May-06 21:05:45

Well, I'm not sure it is bacterial, as he's not unwell. I don't know. I can't entirely cut protein, anyway, as he's still breastfed, and I'm pretty sure that's still good for him.

I'm going to try to keep him on a low-fibre diet for a few days, at least. Not sure what I'll do about breakfast, we normally all eat the same cereals, and despite my best efforts, he's not been inclined towards the less fibrous ones.

He pooed something like 5 or 6 times since his nap. At least my new policy of checking his nappy every few minutes is paying off - after his last change, before bed, his bottom wasn't looking that gross at all, and he wasn't fussing while being wiped. (Normally, I never check his nappy, his normal poos smell a lot. Now that he's just chucking out wet icky food, though, I can't rely on my nose.)

NotQuiteCockney Wed 31-May-06 21:07:28

I would normally totally do brat, btw, it's just not easy with someone this age. It would involve a lot of shouting, on his part. He loves cheese and raisins.

I probably should do it, though ... it's meant to be white rice and white toast?

FrannyandZooey Wed 31-May-06 21:09:05

It sounds like you are doing a great job of keeping his bottom comfortable. These things can escalate so quickly, you have done really well to minimise the damage.

Would you think about phoning NHS direct? They advised me on what food to give, the one time ds had a touch of diorrhea. I can't remember what they said, now. Could be different for your ds2 anyway.

FrannyandZooey Wed 31-May-06 21:10:00

Oh darn it, totally failed to spell diarrhoea correctly.

CADS Wed 31-May-06 21:18:46

yes, its white rice, white bread, mash potatoe, banana, applesauce (not raw apples). Try to avoid dairy. Carry on breastfeeding. I think the first 48hrs are usually the worse. I gave dioralyte relief and let him sip on it through out the day. Unfortunately, the less he eats the less he poos. Hope he gets better soon.

NotQuiteCockney Wed 31-May-06 21:21:43

I have offered dioralyte, he's refused it.

I don't know whether I can face NHS Direct. I'd be more inclined to do stuff if he seemed unwell. But as he's his usual cheery self (except when his bottom hurts), I'm hoping it'll just pass ...

Ok, I might try to get some white bread in, though.

(Can I claim that my very very awful left thumb prevents me from going out food shopping? I'm currently letting it air, after keeping it in a bandage for 48 hours. It is scarily ugly and pretty painful. DH did just peel most of an orange for me, which is a task he particularly hates, although he did moan about it a lot, which reduces how nice it was of him ... so would I be out of order making him go out to get bread?)

FrannyandZooey Wed 31-May-06 21:24:22

NQC what did you do to yourself?

You did get medical treatment for that I hope?

NotQuiteCockney Wed 31-May-06 21:25:15

Hmm, the US gov't line is, if it carries on for more than 2 days, it's a problem (in little ones). They say foods like the BRAT diet may help some.

I'm pretty sure he's not dehydrated, although I've not seen any wee. He doesn't have a soft spot any more, so I can't tell dehydration from there. I'd assume dehydration would make him feel unwell, anyway? (He is drinking loads.)

NotQuiteCockney Wed 31-May-06 21:27:04

I sliced the tip off my left thumb. Well, just a thick piece of skin. Didn't go to see medics, no, didn't see the point.

So I now have a thumb that's all white and weird from the bandages, lots of dried blood on it, and a big flap of skin held on by a thin bit (but at least protecting the big raw bit ... DH did a good job with the bandage).

It probably wasn't helped by the extensive bike repair I did last night, either.

FrannyandZooey Wed 31-May-06 21:30:11

<finger wagging>

bloody doctor refuseniks

you'll get gangrene

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