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oh no, not tontilitis AGAIN.....

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poppiesinaline Wed 31-May-06 11:57:20

GROAN.... DS2 has tontilitis AGAIN!!!! He has been ill since Monday. Took him to Drs this morning and yup, he has a beautiful pus ridden throat Just waiting for the rest of us to get it ..... AGAIN!!!!!!

Just wanted to moan.........

CADS Wed 31-May-06 13:40:51

I send you all my sympathy, hope he gets better soon.

biglips Wed 31-May-06 13:42:06

poppies -how did u know he had them as im not sure if my DD had got them too

CADS Wed 31-May-06 13:46:51

My ds gets smelly breath, fever and when he lets me look down his throat, I can see the pus.

SSSandy Wed 31-May-06 13:58:48

been there all right but now (5) it is getting slightly better. Mine has very big tonsils apparently and a surgeon suggested having them made smaller (!) I wouldn't do that to dd though. If she is going to have an op, I think they should go completely. Hoping it won't be necessary.


poppiesinaline Wed 31-May-06 18:48:55

ah thanks. DS2 has perked up a little. Have a feeling the antibiotics have kicked in already (either that or he is completely high on calpol LOL) But my throat is feeling a bit scratchy and I ache and I feel very tired... groan groan.... oh no.....

biglips - I didnt know he had it until GP took a look down his throat (although had my suspicions - high temp that only came down a little if at all by calpol, off food, off milk and his breath smelt.) And he looked rough!!

biglips Thu 01-Jun-06 19:54:47

aaawwww poor little thing!!

well ive looked at my DD throat and hers not swollen so presumed she is ok

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