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Tongue ties and slow speech development.- any ideas/experiences?

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earthtomummy Tue 30-May-06 16:33:21

My DD is 15mos old and has q. a severe tongue tie. Now she's my 3rd and all 3 have some degree of tongue tie. Also, I'm trying really hard not to seem over-anxious. DD can only make one sound which is 'ma'. All the others did 'da' first and were more verbal at her age.Even DS who didn't communicate (poss. ASD)said more at the sme age. Of course I'm being slightly neurotic as we are going through a process of diagnosing DS at the mo. I'm wondering if her tongue tie might be impeding speech, or being a 3rd child, or just maybe she'll babble and make more sounds when she's ready. She's v. active and has developed physically with walking well before I'd have expected her to.

butty Tue 30-May-06 16:36:19

Hi not great advise i can give, but if she has older siblings, maybe she is using them to communicate as easier for her???

It has been the case with one of my friends dd's.

Sorry if not much help.

earthtomummy Tue 30-May-06 16:49:51

Yes, sometimes I think she is swamped by the other 2, and when we are alone in the mornings she is slightly more chatty - or at least says 'ma' more.

naswm Tue 30-May-06 17:52:47

No advice re ASD or 3rd child issues, but my DS2 had his tongue tie released at 18 months and he had no words up til that point. Although he could make some sounds. (Does your DD make any other sounds? Eg animal noises? Baaa, Moo, quack etc. DS2 is now 23 months and his speach is still slower than average (he has about 6 words) but does have lots of sounds now.

I think having a tongue tie can slow speach developement - even after being released. But the professional advice I have been given is not to worry about lack of actual words but to concerntrate on sounds. Does any of that make sense earthtomummy? DS2 does not need speach therapy because he has the ability to make sounds so the words will follow, albeit slowly.

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