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Talk to me about dental implants

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gimmeanaxe Mon 17-Jun-13 15:40:44

After years of a partial denture that doesnt fit and is painful, rubs, causes blisters I'm finally looking into implants. Its 3 front teeth so will be 6K. DH is hyper ventilating and pointing out that it would be cheaper to park a small car in my gob but I cant live like this. I cant eat in the bastard things, I'm self conscious with them out as they are front teeth and I feel like my whole life is dominated by these teeth. My real teeth were knocked out in a car crash.
We will have to take out a loan against the house as we're on benefits but I need to know the pros and cons and what its like to go through it as I'm a huge dental phobic.

So, any advice?

CaramelLatte Mon 17-Jun-13 15:45:27

Watching with interest as I am planning on having this done as well, two front teeth so know just how you feel. Incidentally my dentist found me a clinic that does the work on an interest free loan - is that an option available to you?

gimmeanaxe Mon 17-Jun-13 16:12:36

I havent found a clinic yet but will check out several. I had years of an abcess under one of the front teeth and several failed root canal fillings so I am not even sure there's enough bone for an implant but there has to be a better answer than these sodding dentures. My back teeth are so tightly packed the clasps sit on top of the back teeth so the dentures move if I chew which means I can never eat in public and its too embaressing to remove them to eat. I hate them more than I can say sad

gimmeanaxe Mon 17-Jun-13 16:14:18

And I have spent a fortune on the fucking things. Most of it on a private dentist who stiffed me out of 500 quid, did shoddy work and refused to refund me after doing a bad job on a temporary set - I paid up front to temp pair and for the later permanents. He did such a bad job I went elsewhere for the permanents (more money) and he refused to refund me.

CaramelLatte Mon 17-Jun-13 17:11:26

You poor thing, sounds like you have had a really rough time. Like you say it does affect your whole life being the front teeth, at least if it was back teeth you could just have them out. I have a bridge that keeps falling out! Forever plugging them back in, given up going to the dentist to do it as the stuff I get from the chemist lasts about the same time (usually a few weeks). Hope you canget sorted soon, it will be worth it in the end. Dont know too much about the procedure, my biggest worry is do they put temporary teeth in while waiting for the permanent ones to go in.

I have a consultation tomorrow so will report back smile

Frogstomp2299 Mon 17-Jun-13 21:41:28

I'm also watching with interest, as I'm due to have 3 taken out as they are wobbly. Not looking forward to any of it and will defo be having a stiff afterwards!! My options are dentures at first then when my gums have shrunk and gone down I can decide what to have but I don't think I can afford anything else

sleepywombat Tue 18-Jun-13 06:07:46

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

higgle Tue 18-Jun-13 16:23:28

I had two done recently - started in November last year, final crowns fitted in April this year. I had had a bridge fail, so I had one gap which had been there for years and one tooth with a cracked root to come out.
It was no worse than having a root filling.

The gums looked a bit of a mess afterwards, seemed to have lots of stitches and to have been cut above an adjoining tooth but it all healed up quickly and well, so you can't see any of that now.

The implants are joined to each other but sit on two implants and look very good. ( better than my other ordinary crowns). They don't feel the same as real teeth, but perhaps I'm still getting used to them. Even my bridge teeth feel quite real but these don't. They work very well though!

I paid £3k and a bit at the Brighton Implant Centre. The service/treatment there is very good but I think they achieve very competitive prices by using different dentists for the less complex bits, such as diagnosis and fitting the final crowns, the main man just did the surgery bit and the first temps. I'd certainly save up and have some more rather than opt for a denture if I have any more problems.

higgle Tue 18-Jun-13 16:27:02

Just noticed you are a dental phobic, OP. One of the reviews of the BIC said you can have sedation just to open your mouth if you want - I do know it is freely available, though you do have to pay a bit extra. I was a bit afraid ( though needlessly it transpired ) but I'm more afraid of anasthaesia than dentists so I didn't pursue it.

Frogstomp2299 Tue 18-Jun-13 22:01:12

I did have the option of being put to sleep but I chose general anaesthetic because it involved less recovery time, I've given birth twice don't know what I'm afraid of?!

MrsMorton Wed 19-Jun-13 06:23:16

General anaesthetic is where you are put to sleep. I'm assuming you meant local?

higgle Wed 19-Jun-13 10:52:44

I think sedation just makes you happy and relaxed - DH had this for a colonoscopy a couple of years ago and we went into Tesco on the way home, he wandered about saying how beautiful everything was in there!

Frogstomp2299 Wed 19-Jun-13 21:26:14

Yes sorry local anaesthetic so ill be awake aaaarrrghhh I know I won't feel a thing it's just I'm scared of the needle

idlevice Wed 19-Jun-13 22:31:00

I had one of my front teeth done about 7yrs ago. My dentist kept going on about how smoking can cause the implant to fail (even though I've never been a smoker) so if you are a smoker you may want to get detailed info on the risks. I spent my wedding money on it sad I'm not dental phobic at all but I did find the number of appointments & amount of time I needed to spend sat in the chair wearing & irritating. Now I hate going to the dentist as I feel like I've had enough fiddling around in my mouth.

You have to be prepared to have good dental hygiene afterwards, but if you spend that amount of money it's quite a good incentive! Having said that I didn't go to a dentist for a period of about 5yrs as I was overseas & couldn't afford it. The implant has been fine though.

user1472251245 Sat 27-Aug-16 00:07:20

Hi, started the process of getting implants to replace large bridge last year.
My general dentist referred me to an oral surgeon. He seemed great - completely understood my problem which is quite complex.

I had the first stage - grafting which went well. BUT I've increasingly over the last 8 months become frustrating by the surgeons communication. The treatment plan - seems to change every time I see him. I never receive anything in writing. I'm not at the point where I'm having the second surgery in two weeks and I still don't know how many implants or where he is intending to place them. I'm sure he must have a plan but he seems to be unable/ willing to share it with me. He's currently on holiday and 'unable to receive messages' so I'm not really sure what do. I'm spending thousands of pounds - so expect information and also a certain level of diligence and 'customer service'. I'm left feeling like I'm being a tricky and demanding patient. Am I being unreasonable? Thanks all

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