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recalled for another mammogram.....s**t

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brimfull Tue 30-May-06 13:53:36

I got a letter today saying they need to do another mammogram and ultrasound and possible needle biopsy next wednesday.It's really scary ,keep blubbing.Anyone else been recalled?

Feistybird Tue 30-May-06 13:56:07

No I haven't but I'm sure there will be others along soon who have. Try to be strong, remember it could all be something very straightforward.

Good luck for Weds.

Esmummy Tue 30-May-06 14:00:27

My mum was recalled a few years back. She went for the routine one as she passed the age of 50, then got recalled, then had a biopsy we were all terrified and she was a completely wreck. Turned out they were just masses of tissues, nothig cancerous and nothing dangerous, put us all through all hell of a few weeks though. My mum is a very very strong lady and it put her in pieces.
Fingers crossed for you

rabbitrabbit Tue 30-May-06 14:18:35

Hello, I'm fairly new to Mumsnet so hope you don't mind my "butting in".

I've spent the last few months being recalled for mammograms, scans etc and have just been given the all clear.
Sometimes they need to do more scans/mgrams because of your monthly cycle and changes in the breast etc (though obviously I'm speculating here).
I did, however, find it very frustrating and exhausting that I had to expend so much effort getting any information out of the technicians as to why they needed to do so many (in one mamogram appt they scanned me four times).

Have you called the hospital and asked to speak to the consultant? I did that twice and-eventually-got the information I needed to give me some peace of mind.

I hope that everything goes well for you. I know how terrifying it is and, for me, I couldn't concentrate on anything other than that whilst it was going on.

For info only-because of family history I was given the all clear but told that I would need to have yearly mammograms. This wasn't because there was anything there that they were worried about but purely because the history of breast cancer in my family was so high.


brimfull Tue 30-May-06 14:33:46

thanks for those replies.

esmummy ,my mum was recalled a few yrs ago after a routine mammogram,she was found to have a precancerous lump and had it removed.It was so worrying at the time but she's fine now.I have decided not to tell my parents as I don't want to worry them.

rabbirrabbit,welcome to mumsnet ,and you're not butting in.Your experience sounds exhausting and terrifying.Glad you're ok now.I haven't phoned the consultant,I'm ok with waiting until next week ,am going to try and keep busy and put it out of my mind.

thanks for the good luck helps.

rabbitrabbit Tue 30-May-06 14:37:29

Thanks ggirl. Hope it all goes well and that you're able to put it behind you soon x

Piffle Tue 30-May-06 14:38:31

Good luck for it ggirl - I knwo how hard it is to think positive but try to xxxxxxxxxxxx

brimfull Tue 30-May-06 18:44:59

have told a few close friends this afternoon,felt good to blub to them and feel much better this evening.DH seems a bit quiet though.

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