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newborn constantly

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Blossie Tue 30-May-06 11:16:38

My 4 week old dd is doing normal poos but at night spends a few hours really straining (and being very noisy about it!) as if she is trying to do a poo - she isnt crying but it must be uncomfortable - can anyone advise please?


Marina Tue 30-May-06 11:21:23

Is she producing a poo after all this effort Blossie, or is it just discomfort?
Babies this age often have a phase of being distressed at night which can be tiring and grim for all concerned, my two certainly did. They cried more than your dd though.
It's usually referred to as colic, although I think I am right to say that no-one really knows what the cause is.
Certainly infacol works for some (didn't for us).
Is she settled the rest of the time? Also, is she breast, mixed or bottlefed?

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