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38th tamoxifen - waiting for summer in the bus shelter

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Gigondas Sat 15-Jun-13 12:01:16

New thread.

GoodbyeRubyTuesday Sat 15-Jun-13 12:03:00

Yay! We filled the last one quickly. Big thanks * gigs* as now chilling in bed listening to first ever Now playlist including one of my all time faves. Red red wiiiiiiiiiine grin

Gigondas Sat 15-Jun-13 12:04:52

Spotify is good for that isn't it?

malteserzz Sat 15-Jun-13 12:08:24

Hellooooo !

GoodbyeRubyTuesday Sat 15-Jun-13 12:08:53

Yes I love it, got the playlist here if anyone else is interested smile

GoodbyeRubyTuesday Sat 15-Jun-13 12:10:17

Hi malt <boogies around>

notJenkins Sat 15-Jun-13 12:11:18

Just marking spot have a lot of catching up to do. Bloody work gets in my way of mn ing !

MaryAnnSingleton Sat 15-Jun-13 12:39:34

hooray- well done gig!
Brilliant news about the loss of pump hnd and wise to get back into work/take a break from hospital before the next bit.
Bloody raining here and we;re meant to be going out to a garden later.
Cat is fretting as she doesn't know what to do with herself.

Copthallresident Sat 15-Jun-13 12:45:14

Well done gigs for spotting the impending doom for the thread grin not like the nincompoop who finished off the last but one thread.......

HerNextDoorAt21 Sat 15-Jun-13 13:25:21

Gigs you do get used to the noise it used to send me to sleep. I had a VAC one before the smith and nephew one
And yes it was a bit noisier. I am
On table cloth sized dressings !

amberlight Sat 15-Jun-13 13:37:01

New thread! <adds flapjack to the trolley>

sparklesunshine Sat 15-Jun-13 13:52:32

Marking place!

jchocchip Sat 15-Jun-13 13:53:42

Nice title gig and music ruby parsnip cake for the trolley smile
Survived parkrun. Going to pop out to show mil where the wool shop is in a mo.

GoodbyeRubyTuesday Sat 15-Jun-13 14:06:39

Was feeling all proud as out of bed and had a shower, even washed my hair, now of course head in the bucket trying not to puke hmm damn chemo!

Parsnip cake sounds fun, enjoy the wool shop jchoc

malteserzz Sat 15-Jun-13 14:57:49

Boo to feeling pukey Ruby
Flapjacks sound lovely but parsnip cake I'm not sure about !

GoodbyeRubyTuesday Sat 15-Jun-13 15:06:06

Ooh missed the flapjacks! Yum yum.

topsyturner Sat 15-Jun-13 16:21:04

<bobs in and marks place>
<bobs back out to kill 2 10 year old girls and buy wine>

sparklesunshine Sat 15-Jun-13 16:29:19

Oh oh topsy, what have the girls done?

amberlight Sat 15-Jun-13 17:00:51

Ruby, you shouldn't be feeling that envy. Different potions needed?

Yes, Topsy, what's going on over there?

MaryAnnSingleton Sat 15-Jun-13 17:14:56

oh that capecitabine- it can do that-sometimes I've had no nausea and other times feel really quite queasy.
Poor ruby - (stroke Ruby's hair comfortingly)
Had a nice afternoon walking round lovely garden in Haslemere -very windy. Had the most delicious ginger cake and a cup of tea too.

GoodbyeRubyTuesday Sat 15-Jun-13 17:23:44

Think it's from the infusion as capecitabine nausea tends to set in about a week later, it's not that bad, I don't feel queasy/nauseous as such more just a need to throw up hmmconfused very strange and irritating, no party for me tonight! Thanks for hair strokes and comforting words everyone smile

topsy what's happened?!

MAS sounds lovely, did you manage to avoid rain?

malteserzz Sat 15-Jun-13 17:25:29

Must be a cakey sort of day, dh has made cinnamon buns yum
Can I take my steri strips off my boob or do I have to let them fall off naturally? The ones under my arm all fell off a few days ago but these are just peeling and look a bit grubby, best to leave it covered as long as possible though ? Been 11 days since my op

MaryAnnSingleton Sat 15-Jun-13 17:26:11

poor love... yes,avoided rain too- and there were lovely sunny bits in between the clouds. It was dog heaven too as the owners have 2 lurchers.

MaryAnnSingleton Sat 15-Jun-13 17:27:36

I would just soak them a bit in the bath and if they are loose enough peel off but not if they need pulling.. saw those cinnamon buns on fb- they look fab...I now want one

malteserzz Sat 15-Jun-13 17:40:36

One side is almost off but the other is quite stuck on maybe id better leave them be
Buns were lovely!
Your walk sounds nice MAS we've had heavy rain and sun today
Shame about the party ruby but think of all the parties you will go to when this is all over smile
Topsy what have the girls done ??

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