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Dh giving up smoking today..................

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red37 Tue 30-May-06 06:56:06

I have been asking dh to give up smoking for months now, I stopped 4 years ago. Today is the day today, so he says.
IMO I have heard him say this before, how do I stay optimistic as I think he will fail again.
Any advice and tips would be appreciated?

Spagblog Tue 30-May-06 06:59:57

It's hard to know how to play it. I want DH to give up desperately, but previous attempts have almost split us up.

red37 Tue 30-May-06 07:03:35

I have given him the incentive that he can get a new car, if he gives up the fags.

Spagblog Tue 30-May-06 07:26:57

Good luck to him. My friend encouraged her DH to give up by organising what she called a "chuff chart". It was like a reward board and he could put a star on for every day that he didn't smoke. I think he had mini rewards and a big goal.

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